Parry damage/Secondary Limb damage effects etc.

  • I feel an interesting option to add to the game is to have hits to different areas of the body have different negative effects to the player. I think this would be best as an optional mutator for server admins to add as not all players may want this.


    Arm strikes reduce attack power; more dramatic for heavy weapons, and polearms. Good Reason to switch to one-handed weapon. Drawing/reloading bow or crossbow takes longer.
    Leg Strikes reduce movement speed. Useful strategy for archers: Arrow in the knee to slow them down and then headshot!
    Head strikes blur vision and disorient for a second.

    Of course lighter weapons would have less of an effect for all of these than heavier weapons.

    Since Chivalry has regenerating health these effects could also be removed after a time. Or persist until death on hardcore servers.

    Damage penalty when blocking heavy weapons (without a shield) I think would help to reduce block spamming. I know kick was supposed to be meant for this, but the kick is sort of useless I don’t see any players typically use it. Ironically even if you do break someone’s block they can recover and block again before you have time to attack. I don’t think this would invite attack spamming due to the large amount of fatigue heavy weapons require to swing. Besides, don’t you think if an archer parries a Maul with a Dagger their hand should at least hurt ;) AoC mod actually had this, so I was kind of surprised it didn’t carry over.

  • @homerthethief:

    Head strikes blur vision and disorient for a second.

    Isn’t it already in the game?

    Or is it a BUG when I get hit as an archer with dagger/shield I very often loose my hud, screen takes random orientation and I got for some reason less seed and unable to run/block with shield for much time (5-10 seconds, not just ordinary 1 sec as usually).

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