Team Leader Character

  • I believe that adding the ability for one person on a team to spawn as a Team Leader captain, similiar to the King on the TO map, be with regular health, damage etc, that way when your performing clan skirmishes it’s easier to find your clan leader and rally around him, it would also add the ability to target the enemy clan leader.

  • I think armor/banner customization is all we need.

    In M&B Warband we quickly made our custom banners so anybody could see who is a squad leader, who’s a regular soldier and who’s a squire.

    Once there is more customization in the game clans will certainly pick it up.

  • I know that in the configuration menu there is already a helmet customization area, although I have no idea how to unlock new helmets

  • I believe you got a helmet for backing the project on Kickstarter previously. I think they plan on expanding this option in the very near future. (Or else it wouldn’t be there)

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