• i think some npc would be good for the times when your the only person on a server or its just you and 1 other person. 8-)

  • in game ranks 1-9kills rank 1 10-99kills rank 2 100-249kills rank 3 and so on.
    Rankings… I’m neutral on this. edit: Actually, I like the way rankings work in AoC right now, I think MW should use the same system.

    custom shields or flags.
    If you mean user created, then no. If you mean you get to pick from a list, then no. The only way to go is with blue for good, red for bad: Agatha & Masons. I don’t want to see memes on my enemies shield…

    reward weapons like 10kills in one life gives you a stronger weapon until you die.
    So you want good players to have an even easier time killing noobs? That just makes the game unbalanced.

    optional npc in battle the server owner would chose if there would be some or none.
    AIs are already being added to the game.

    What? I’m pretty sure TBS is having new music created for the menus, I don’t think I’d like to hear music during battle though…

    some sort of in game shop to buy new weapons and armor with gold from kills.
    No, no, no, no, no. Once again, don’t make the game unbalanced…

  • I don’t really want any of those…
    Except for music I suppose. I like music.
    The rest of these ideas are things I dislike.

  • It depends on what you mean by “custom shields” if you mean being able to have a certain shape and/or size like maybe a large kite shield or square shield or even hexagonal then i am for it as long as it doesn’t change the logo or the color scheme of the shield.

  • I Agree with my brother on this one, since the shield is a very easy way in distinguishing friend from foe, and thus, the emblem should not be changed. However, there should be a choice on the size and shape of the shield, which would effect the protection it gives to the wearer as well as his speed; larger shields are heavier, slowing down the wielder. The same with flags, the emblem should not be changed since it is another way of determining nationality at a glance. If there were to be an customizations to it, i’d say it should be perhaps a fanciful way of bearing it, perhaps a rod made of gold rather than wood or something like that. The shape of the shield and the flag should also be left to the discretion of the wielder. Taking away the ability of changing the emblem on the flag/shield will take away most of the joy of customization, but allowing one to change the shape to one’s likeness fills the void and allows oneself to express there uniqueness in the shape. Additionally, if the emblem WERE to be changed, it would be for the worse, because preventing the change in the emblem prevents the showing of certain unwanted visuals (obscene material etc…). I play AOC online and although I’m sure the community in CMW will be much broader, the narrow community of players in AOC are extremely vulgar in chat and on the Mic, so im sure they would jump at the chance of showing some vulgur thing on there shields or flag. Preventing customization of the emblem is a safeguard against this tactic.

  • I like the idea of custom colors and emblems on the surcoats, tabbards, and shields. It add realism to the battlefield, allows variety to the armies, and allows player clans to have a known presence on a battlefield beyond their clan tags.

    Players should be able to determine which team a soldier is on by their armor type and shape. If you see a person with a certain type of helmet or shield, you should know what team that person is on. Helmets and armor usually end up being the best way to identify the enemy, not just the colors.

  • definitely need something like custom heraldry etc even if it is something as simple as dark messiah or m&b, and i don’t think confusing sides shall be too much of a problem from what i’ve seen so far as masons are predominately red and agathains show blue underneath their armour.

    as for music i aint sure if it should take such a forward role when you rin a game as i usually just put on youtube stuff through the steam overlay anyway, although i’m not against quietish atmoispheric music if you guys don’t want the battlefield to be fully immersed/silent…you know aside from all the people getting killed ^^. Also most games would get a guy to compose with an orchestra for their backround music and i’m pretty certain you don’t quite have the resources for that, so you may be forced to dig for un-copyrighted stuff if you really want some

  • The two most appealing ones are custom flags and shields. I played Age of Chivalry with people from my gaming community, to represent who we are by logos and designs rather than having something completely retarded like <mm>in our name would be great.

    Buying items with in-game currency you obtain from killing players/completing objectives doesn’t seem half bad either.</mm>

  • Custom flags, banners etc is the best choice for me

  • Admittedly, I would love a custom shield for my clan.

  • I agree for a customized shield design but I know there would be a lot of vulgar stuff lol (which may be a little too much for some people) so maybe you can make like a downloadable pack where people can sign up their clan and paste their customized picture then people can just download it at their discretion. Just a thought :P

  • yeh i can see the point their, but then again the game will be an 18 anyways (decapitations and what-not), and as long as you right the disclaimer “online intercation not rated by ESRB” etc you could pull it off :D

  • of course they could lol, but I think if it was negative for too many entering the game there would be a lot of flare to spark in negative reviews which would detract people to buy the product / continue playing and those people would be stuck with giant pictures of penis’s, nazi signs etc. on shields that would be impossible to stop from seeing lol

  • If it’s like the Halo system, where you have options to choose from, rather than a spray system like HL2, then it wouldn’t be an issue. The only people that would get to see those would be the people that download them, and the others wouldn’t have to know that they were killed by the Noble Penis or the Racist Rascal and whatnot. It would make it easier for the devs to control what images they allow in the game, it would allow them control as to how the images look, and it would still allow the players control as to what their heraldry would be.

  • Well even then, that may be easier as a whole to do but limits creativity/originality by the community (and hinders potential interaction and confirmation of one another in it.) I would rather make a really cool original picture in Photoshop and then make it look war torn as so it still fits a shield environment then have something like a sticky thread that is labeled “Clan Emblems” where you could post your Clan Name (with a bunch of contact info etc.) and then a picture of your clans emblem where then the Original Poster would download that emblem, add it to the pack (or .svn) for the community to download.

    Maybe with that halo idea those could be placeholders for people without the pack of custom clan emblems to look at and the pack could just overlay those (of course then there would be a limit on how many clans with emblems but that’s not my concern atm).The only advantage to the concept of already created symbols on shields is that they could vary in 3d extrusion.

  • Warband’s community banner packs are quite successful. I could see the same thing happening here.

  • I like the in-game ranks idea. Not sure about the rest. Not every class has a shield (or, do they?), so that would be kind of unfair. And I would assume that there are different types of shields (small, large). I really would love the ranks.

  • I like the custom flags/shields idea.

    The in game shop? just no… I can imagine it would be alot like “omg that was my kill” and some people would have to avoid getting the last hit just so another player can get the money

  • I would happy with different kinds of shields to use with different emblems to choose from (and we really don’t need people’s creativity on their shields, it is distracting)

  • …I voted “Custom shield and banner” to customize our own Clan…


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