A couple bugs

  • Not sure where to post these so I figure General discussion is as good a place as any for now. Please move if incorrect.

    When playing as a Mason Knight with Kite shield, when selecting a 2 handed weapon, no shield appears on your back, But as an Agatha Knight there is a shield on your back.

    There is also another bug with Autobalance keeping the previous team shield color, and when you are switched from Agatha to Mason you keep the Agatha shield on your back, unlike normal no shield Mason. And when being switched from Mason to Agatha, you do not keep the normal shield on your back, you have no shield (Although I do not have a screenshot of that at this time, I’ll post one soon).

    Below is a screenshot of Knights with Kite shield and using a 2 handed weapon, placing the shield on the back. Left side is normal Mason knight with shield selected but not displaying on back, top right is Agatha Knight with shield selected, showing up on back, and Bottom right is Mason knight after autobalance, keeping the Agatha kite shield on back.

    http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t216 … shield.png

    Also another Bug, After selecting spectator mode in the Team selection screen, then hitting “M” to go to class selection, after picking a class you are presented with a screen like this

    http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t216 … hearts.jpg

    Upon selecting join game at the bottom of the screen, you are crashed to desktop.

  • To my knowledge, those first 2 bugs you’ve listed are known for a while so we’ll probably see them fixed when the patch comes out. Heart bug is new to me, got me laughing heartly. :)

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