Cannot find any real meaningful stats or shield info

  • Have been searching around the nets for a few hours now and cannot find a detailed explanation of shield penatlies. The MAA heater shield says it provides devent missile protection “without slowing the user down too much” does this mean it has a movement speed penalty? Does it have a swing speed penatly? If so how does it compare to the buckler? It says it has a “stamina” penalty and rating, is this relating to just how much stamina i lose when i take a hit to the shield while blocking or does this penalty apply to all swings and fients and dodges made while holding the shield?

    Can’t find any useful info on this anywhere and the “manual” i looked up online is a fairytale book with gay music.

    Also cannot find weapon stats, there are a few detailed weapons on teh wiki showing cat/blunt damage cobos and such, but most are just a percentage, and they don’t talk in detail about the different between slah thrust etc. Can we have these?

  • All shield data is currently hard-coded and is not in configuration files yet. Take this with a grain of salt because this information is several months old, but when we first implemented shields, it was set so that the larger the shield, the more time it took for you to counter-attack after blocking a hit; there was something like 0.3s between the Buckler and the Tower shield. There are no swing speed penalties at all (in fact, with the three Bastard Swords, they are faster with shields, but slightly less damaging) and you are not slower with any shield regardless of whether you have it equipped or whether it’s on your back. Also, the smaller the shield, the more stamina you lose when blocking an attack. Missile protection is based on the psychical size of the shield, so a Buckler user is more susceptible to ranged attacks than someone with a Tower shield, but the Buckler is much closer to a normal parry in terms of counter-attacking. Weapon stats can be found in my signature.

  • that. was awesome.

  • Well, that answers it.

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