Keep getting hit/killed with your shield up?

  • So I keep wondering why I was getting hit so easy when my shield was up, so I stopped a friend in spawn and asked him to take some practice swings on me with my shield up so I can see what swings were getting by or around my shield. First swing was normal blocked it, then I tell him to swing again, he does not swing, I was like ok dude swing again please. He then tells me he is waiting for me to put my shield up, even tho on my screen my shield is up. Come to find out if you bring up shield by holding down parry button, after you get hit even tho your still holding down parry, and the shield is still up in your face in firstperson in the game world your shield is down. I also took swings on my friend with his shield up and his firstperson showed his shield up while I could see his shield was down. I could not check thirdperson as it was not available on the server. I did not test if projectiles make the shield go down.

    So the bug is even tho shield shows on your screen and your still holding parry button your shield is down to everyone else after you take a sword hit.

    I’m not sure if they want the shield to go down after each hit and the shield being up in firstperson is the bug, or the fact that the shield is going down at all is the bug, I just know for a new user I died allot with what I thought was my shield up.

    The way I counter this right now is I repress and hold shield after I take a hit.

  • amazing i know this has happened to be a fair few times before and i kept wondering if it was lag or glitches etc etc.

    now i know! thanks!

  • I’m only guessing here, but it seems like the harder the hit, the higher the chance that the shield will be lowered. And I think that this animation not showing up is a bug. Unless the lowering itself is a bug.

    But then again, there a lot of bugs that show up after getting hit - the one above, your weapon getting moved and sticking out of your wrist at a weird angle, not being able to attack when holding shield up.

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