Knockout, pickup & finish off

  • (Sorry for my poor English)

    I would love to see the knockout, pickup and finish-off feature from War of the Roses in Chivalry (this feature exist in many other games)! I prefer Chivalry to the other game, but this is the only feature that miss to Chivalry to make it the best medieval melee game of all time. :)

    I know developer are often scare to take good idea from other game, but as a consumer, I really don’t care! I just want the best game possible and add this feature may really make me happy.

    EDIT: I forgot to explain this feature to those who don’t know the game I mention above.
    The idea is when you get killed, you are not always “really” dead.
    You can become “Knock out” and you have 2 choice: restart at the spawn point or wait for someone to pick you up.
    Pick up take some time so it’s risky to do into the melee.
    When you are knocked out, you can be finished off by enemies.
    It also take time so its a strategy choice: leave the body with the risk of someone pick him up, or finish him with the risk of be killed during the time needed to do it.
    For Chivalry, we should say each time we dead keeping your head on our shoulder, we are knocked out.
    This feature add a lot of fun and new strategy choices that can make Chivalry even better.

  • I think a mod or unlock which gives you “rezzing” ability would be a nice add, as long as it doesn’t mess with the balance too much.

    And yes, the finishing moves in WotR were fun, but I think they might fall into the novelty category.

  • Please no. The “pickup / finish off” system sounds really stupid and is one of the major reasons I bought this game and not WotR. If it’s added to the game, it better be as a separate mod so I never have to play with it.

  • The game isn’t 100% realistic at all, but how can you get knocked out only sometimes? If you get hit by a sword you dont fall down, you get decapitated or cut or something.
    I would only see this viable if you would get hit by a blunt weapon.

  • maps in this game are so small that i think its better to respawn than wait until somone will pick you up

  • Adding this feature would lower the realism of this game. I don’t imagine a guy who jus got sliced to get up. Especialy without a leg. :)

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