Empty Servers + Please wait…loading

  • Recently I’ve been having trouble connecting to my local servers. Keep getting the “Please wait while teh game is loading” message and eventually have to Ctrl-Alt-Del it and close the game in the task manager.

    (Why is there no ‘Cancel’ button for the connect screen?)

    If not this problem I also frequently connect to servers that have say they have members in the connection list but are empty once I log on (and I’ll shut down the game and steam, go back and they’ll still show the same number of ‘active’ players).

    When I do manage to get on its seems that the population of my local servers has dropped dramatically in the past week. Can’t help but wonder if everyone else is having the same problems I am, as the “Please wait” problem seems to be affecting specific servers rather than users (I can always find some higher ping server that I can connect to).

    If this problem persists (an inability to connect to any low ping servers) it is certainly something that would force me to give up on the game.

  • Join the club. Looks like lots of ppl are having issues connecting and staying in the frigging game!

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