Votekicking Players by Number?

  • I know how to votekick by playername, but is there a way to votekick by number?

    E.g. in the source engine, you just kick people by number, thus people don’t (or atleast less often) have silly names you can’t type, because it doesn’t prevents from kicking them.

    I’ve seen players who try to prevent being kicked by having stuff like hearts at random places in their name.

  • Just type votekick and it’ll bring up a list and then confirm the number that matches their name.

  • If I type e.g. votekick 1 and then confirm 1 or confirm 0, it doesn’t work.

    When I type votekick NAME and then confirm 0, it starts a votekick.

  • You don’t type any number, you just type votekick and then it’ll list every player with a number; confirm the corresponding number.

    Better votekick integration is in development though; you’ll be able to just click a name on the scoreboard to initiate a votekick soon.

  • Thx SlyGoat, nice to see you’re atleast as helpful as in AoC.

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