Network freeze just after joining server or selecting class

  • I know this has been posted already, but there seems to be no answer and I recommend people should create their own threads rather than bumping other peoples threads, so they can see it’s affecting a lot of people! Then eventually somebody can answer us with a fix. This is a majour problem and shouldn’t be ignored.

    Like others, as soon as I join the game, I can hear in-game stuff, then right after I finish selecting my class, everybody simply just starts running into a wall.

    Sometimes I can join the game, but it’s like after 4-5 failures. Sometimes I even spawn and then it lags out and everybody walks into walls.

    I’m also guessing it’s a port thing… Has anyone tried routing all incoming connections to the computer?

  • I’m experimenting with it at the moment.

  • It isn’t a port issue because the first few days I had the game I was connecting to servers all over the place. Had a major session on server and had no lag/latency issues whatsoever. That was one of the big servers too, the ones that no one can connect to now.

    Devs havent commented on this issue yet because they have no idea what’s causing it.

  • If that’s the case, was there a recent server patch or any change, that could have started this? This seems recent, but my second day playing this game so i don’t know.

    My router doesn’t have DHZ, but I can assign my IP as the public IP, so essentially it’s the same. I tried that and I still get the same issue so I guess I can rule that out.

  • Might be worth flushing your DNS to see if that has any affect on it.

    ipconfig /flushdns

  • I have a fix that works for me every time. I used to use it for RO2 when I had similar problems.

    Connect to any server, wait for the connection problem and everyone to lag out, then open the console and type reconnect and enter. After reconnecting it works fine. It’s a pain but it works.

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