Allies and Friends

  • Hi there,

    Besides the overall communication and teamplay vs. team chaos issue this game has sometimes, I’m missing a couple of things:

    • Identifying friends: I like to play with my Steam friends. The problem is the maps are big and there’s a lot of travelling when dying and getting back to the fray, so actually going alongside friends is something that happens like 2 or 3 times throughout a whole match. Even if talking on Skype it becomes a very dull experience of “where are you? - Im near X point - ok wait for me”
      It just doesn’t feel like I’m playing with my friends.
      So I’d just suggest that friends can somehow be identified on-screen. Either with a HUD indicator (like Ammo / The objective / etc), or whatever.

    • Ally/enemy names: This is a lesser issue. when you aim someone you see their name on the bottom of your screen. This is great: doesn’t get in the way and causes no clutter. However it only works if the guy is very near. why can’t we get the name of more further allies/enemies?


  • A way to identify friends is actually in the works already.

  • Yeah, I really wish that peoples name would pop up over their heads. Only for allies though, not for enemies, that was one of the wotr went wrong was with enemy names showing.

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