Horrible FPS lag

  • Hello, i bought this game yesterday and i found it very very laggy.
    Mouse lag, Fps dropping down to 15 and never getting above 32.
    When im alone on the server my fps are fine (50+) but as soon as 5-10 people join, the lag begins.
    I tried turning down every single detail ingame, even with console commands but no help.

    I get the same fps on low as i get on high.

    Here is my DxDiag.

  • Hey dude, I remember playing with you on a server last night. Saw you walk off a cliff but then realised it was because of that stupid server lagout thing haha.

  • oh lol! yeah i have alot of problems with this game, sometimes the server freezes, everyone keeps moving in one place but i can move around free.

    Or it was just me being myself, and jumping of a cliff :D

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