Key unresposiveness

  • Hello there guys, I’ve been playing this game since release and I’ve been having an awesome time. But I am having a minor issue and I was wondering If any of you guys are experiencing it as well. I keep finding myself in a pretty tricky situation.Sometimes the sprint/dodge/block button will not work in prompt notice or when i am trying to make a really quick decision. It keeps happening randomly and even when the buttons work, they give me a feeling of overall clunkiness and unresponsiveness.It is neither a major issue nor an issue that would drive me off this spectacular game.I was just wondering whether any of you guys are experiencing it as well and if you do, if any of you know know if it’s a known issue that is to be improved.

    Big ups to Torn Banner for making this game, I sincerely would not think twice to buy this game even if the price matched the ones of several…ehm…overpriced titles that are released nowadays.

    Thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield!

    PS:Excuse my English, I’m not a native speaker.

  • shameful bump

  • I have never experienced something like this.
    Does this happen too in other games? If so, it may be your keyboard I guess.
    If not, I have no idea. Sorry.

  • Sorry, I should have clarified that it only happens in Chivalry. Being a fault of the keyboard was the first thing that came to mind since I had kinda given up on gaming before chivalry came out and I was unsure of how my keyboard performs in other games. After checking it, I ruled it out since everything worked flawlessly.

    To try and be more specific: With unresponsiveness I mean that sometimes even though i click the block button the blocking animation will not initiate unless I click it a couple more times. Once or twice It didn’t iniate at alla and after dying, it worked. Same with the maa dodge mechanic. Sometimes it just doesn’t work while other times it does and with perfect timing.

  • I to have experienced this, it is not my keyboard, considering i just got it four days ago.

  • Yeah this happens to me too, I have yet to analyze why it happens. It’s usually me breaking stride by turning to far to one side, then not properly starting my run again. I shall test it and see what causes it.

  • Happens every now and then to me as well. I’m assuming it’s because of my rather low FPS.

  • @Kwal:

    Happens every now and then to me as well. I’m assuming it’s because of my rather low FPS.

    No its something else. My FPS never dips below 50, so this issue has deeper rooted cause.

  • Oh I see there’s some of us who have experienced it. I too can confirm that it is not an fps issue since my fps have never dropped under 50 either. It is weird and really seems to be happening at completely random times but when it does it leads to an almost a guaranteed death.

    I’m totally theorycrafting now, but it feels like an optimisation issue. Someone with more knowledge on the subject would be able to shed more light into it.

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