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  • hi all,

    this is my first topic here and i was unable to find detailed information regarding what i want to know.
    the problem: i am having great trouble playing as Maa.

    im using the nord sword and the heater shield.

    from what i understand so far, most of you will start to snigger and think: oh man, you are doing it Wrong !

    from my perspective a knight (2 hander sword) simply left mouse with superior range. then i block ofc, but he will be in time for a counter block if i decide to attack after my block, then follow up with a left mouse swing again leaving me 1 shotted.

    a vanguard has it even easier, just stab stab. i can dodge/block those too, but i will never be able to close the gap in time and when i do hit, he simply swings and 1 shots me as well.

    now, i realise this is obviously over-dramatized and know full well i need to play better.

    so here i am, asking for tips. thanks in advance.

  • Try to get your stabs hitting your opponents sides (strafe to the sides constantly too), particularly their right side as your attack comes from that direction. You’re definitely not doing anything wrong by picking MAA/Norse Sword/Heater Shield.

  • A nice descriptive guide on general MAA mechanics and how to approach each class would be nice. (Although I don’t know how much more can be said but dodge, parry, stab! haha) I’m personally pretty awful at them, so you’re not the only one :)

  • A helpful hint to closing the gap between you and another player is that the MAA can dash if you double tap one of the key (w to go in the direction of your mouse, a to the left and, d to the right), I don’t know if you know this or not because it took me a week or so before I found out the MAA can do this.

  • -always use stab with the norse sword, as it is it’s strongest attack by far

    -aim your shield at the tip of the enemies weapon so you don’t get hit

    -learn to use dodge to get in/out of range

  • Speaking as an archer, an MaA who has mastered the dashing movement is the hardest class to hit. Very few of them know how to do it though i’ve found.

  • You can always mix it up by shield bashing your opponent right after blocking their attack.

  • Ok thanks so far. I know about dash. I tried forward dash but then i dont have enough time to get out of the way for his new lbm attack. Knights usually step back after a swing, then initiate a lbm swing. If you forward dash into that you get oneshot. Same for vanguard. Ill give the side-dash another go.

  • Most 2 handed weapons are slower than the norse sword, instead of blocking try to dash backwards or to a side, then walk forward or dash forward, feint (the enemy will block most of the time), and then stab, stab allways with the norse sword.

  • To build on what was already said above MAA is a timing class more so than any other. If you spam dodge you’ll run out of stamina and become an easy kill. If you don’t use dodge at all you’re leaving a great tool on the table that sets you apart from every other class on the battlefield.

    Having played VG and Knight for a good chunk of my play time (50+ hours) you begin to learn the timing of those big weapons. That will help you tremendously when you play MAA since you’ll know the swing characteristics of those weapons. So when that Knight comes in with the maul swinging you’ll know when it’s safe for you to dash forward to stab him.

    The other thing to consider when playing MAA is situational awareness. Being an MAA means you’re squishy so you gotta have your head on a swivel. Be on the look out for guys trying to flank you and also be on the look out for targets of opportunity. When I play MAA I always look to slip behind the front-lines to decimate the archer battery and then move up to flank the front-line fighters.

    MAA is a fun class but one of the harder ones to become proficient in, although with time and practice you can be deadly with them.

  • so a few days have passed and i became more experienced. i am now able to actually kill stuff. although i feel like a vulture for scraping off kills from knights who softened up my target.

    can anyone tell me the actual advantage of playing Maa?

    i get one shotted by almost anything that moves, hit like a goddamn girl (no offence to girls) and still get my ass handed to me by that typical left mouse button masher that - gods honest truth - has no clue wtf hes doing.

    Maa is fragile, mobile to an extend - untill you run out of stamina - and can’t take a hit, and has no Real means to put the hurt on another class and utilise the mobility. ( dat stab, miss)

    its also typical to see i am usually the only Maa in the field. exceptions not counted.

    would anyone be so kind to point out what im possibly missing here?

  • Against 90% of players in pubs who are god awful: Sprint in range of their attack, they will most likely swing, backwards dodge out. Forward Dodge in. If they mashed m1 go for a parry into riposte stab.(Alternatively you can wait for the second swing to come out and then forward dodge in) Combo that into an overhead/slash. Repeat.

    Circle Strafe to confuse them because most people have bad footwork/awareness.

    MAA is all about precision and execution. Use dodge to reset fights and leverage positioning. For example if you are face hugged and don’t want to block a feint you can just dodge out.

    Against top tier Knights(especially shielded ones) it becomes even more complicated and difficult.

  • There is a “One Key Dodge” too, instead of double tapping the key which can be rather annoying, even unpredictable. It’s set to default on V I think, should be able to find it in the keybinding options!
    I have mine bound to a mousekey now, makes it so much easier to utilize it effectively.

  • It’s preference. I don’t use single key dodge because double tap lets me control the direction of my dodges more precisely.

  • Since you’re using a shield, don’t let go of your block button to counter-attack, just hit your attack button right away. I didn’t know this at first and had trouble using a shield, but it’s significantly faster. Try it in your spawn/empty server, hold the block and then click LMB, then hold your block, let go of it and hit LMB and see how much longer it takes to swing. I’ll bet that’s what your problem is with the counter-attack timings.

  • cheers for the overwhelming feedback. it feels good to be part of a helpful community.

    what exactly is a riposte stab? is it: parry - counter attack?

    im afraid they will simply step back like i mentioned earlier and i run into their lmb attack.

  • @Daiyuki:

    Since you’re using a shield, don’t let go of your block button to counter-attack, just hit your attack button right away. I didn’t know this at first and had trouble using a shield, but it’s significantly faster. Try it in your spawn/empty server, hold the block and then click LMB, then hold your block, let go of it and hit LMB and see how much longer it takes to swing. I’ll bet that’s what your problem is with the counter-attack timings.

    This is a bug and has been placed on the bug list for fixing. Attacking from the block position ignores the shield downtime now if I understand correctly. This should not happen.

    Check out this thread for more information.


  • Been trying to get a handle on maa too, progression has been torturous as vanguards and knights on both teams mash their way around the battlefield with giant weapons accidentally cutting me down when they’re trying to go for other targets.

    The biggest jump for me thus far has been when i stopped trying to combo with basic swings, it simply does not work. These goons don’t usually stay staggered long enough to get a backswing off before they’ve gone into the windup, so the second hit ends in a trade(or the first hit when they decide to recover instantly from a parry :/). So the hits trade, putting them at 80% health and you on the floor clutching the spot where your head used to be, not a good start to the fight.

    I’ve generally stopped trying for a second swing unless i’m cutting down an archer or have completely slipped their field of vision and they aren’t swinging at something else(because they’re still going to kill you instantly whether they were aiming at you or not). It’s pretty much just dancing in with overheads, following with a thrust if they’re going to just keep mashing because the thrust can make it in time to interrupt them. (with broadsword and no shield, ymmv).

  • MAA works the best once you understand how the other classes play on the battlefield. It’s usually my recommendation that the MAA be the last class you try to play with, because you want to understand the other classes first, and the best way of doing that is to actually play with them. Overall, timing, speed and distance are the most important components of the MAA. It can be insanely powerful once these are mastered, but it’s a much higher learning curve than the other three classes.

    You can also check out my videos in the link below. Just got finished talking about the MAA and his Broadsword, which is now my favorite setup in the game.

    Best of luck my friend! :D

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