REPORT: Steve Piggott: "Grammar God has won Chivalry"

  • From a respected gaming website:

    In a telephone interview with Steve Piggott, lead developer of the critically acclaimed “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare,” we were informed that the gamer known as “Grammar God” has officially “won” the PC title, blowing all other competitors out of the running. “Grammar God is amazing,” Piggott said, “we’re all pretty much in awe of him.” According to Piggott, Grammar God’s combination of twitch dexterity, cunning, and gaming IQ makes him “pretty much the god” of Torn Banner’s flagship offering. “We’ve been missing our deadlines on patches simply because we have been so enthralled watching Grammar God play,” Piggott explained, “I also caught my wife emailing Grammar God nude photos of herself after watching one of his matches.” “At first I was kind of upset,” he continued, “but then I realized that it would be kind of cool to know that Grammar God is looking at my naked wife.”

    At press time, Grammar God has been unavailable to comment about his thoughts on the photos, which is understandable because such a gaming legend shouldn’t lower himself to talk with plebs such as us.

  • Go home, you’re drunk.

  • Thank you for this informative post. I eagerly await Grammar God’s ‘frag vid’.

  • inbeforedestruction :o

    Seriously, what did you smoke!?

  • Thanks for the information, I won’t forget this. :?

  • Other notable Grammar God feats:

    -Jumping from space:

    -Punching Hitler in the jaw:

    -Discovering the Americas:

    -Crossing the red sea:

  • @Wingy:

    -Punching Hitler in the jaw:

    Further evidence that fisticuffs are overpowered.

  • If you’re not first you’re last. I’m first. Sorry kid, I’m better.

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