Seeking More Moderators

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    Our team has been struggling under the weight some with the expansion of the game and we are looking to get more moderators to come in and help us encourage a positive community and respond to support items. Please email your application to tornbannerstudios AT with subject line: [MODAPP] Forum Name.

    Application Form:

    Forum Name:
    Reason for Applying:
    Your vision for the community:
    Relevant Experience
    : (Moderation/community management on other games/websites or Technical experience)

    Please keep all applications short and clear. Thank you and we are excited to see how you can help us make these forums a great place for all to come and discuss gaming and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

  • Oh.

    My mistake! =/

  • Email your applications to them. Don’t post it here

  • How many applications have you all received? Is there any update on the status at the moment?

  • I only joined today and have yet to get the game (I will though)… But when i do and when i fill my boots in here a bit more, i will certainly apply if the need is still there.

    Been in internet forums since 1998, ran two of my own forums, moderated in a few others… I’d like to help out.

    … But not just yet. 8-) I need to get more situated within the community before I offer any services & not many would appreciate someone moderating them whom only has a small % of posts & new.

  • Locked for now until the need arises again.

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