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    Hey guys! In the interest of keeping a more fluid, regular line of communication with you, our community, we are going to be doing a Developers Q&A again and hope to be able to keep this up on a monthly basis. So go ahead and fire off questions you have for us in reply to this thread and we will try to answer as many as we can in an upcoming video. Have all questions in by Thursday the 15th at Midnight to ensure you get them in on time.

    Please don’t ask about when the Patch is coming, that has already been answered: And more information on how you can help us test that will come tomorrow.

    Thanks and can’t wait to hear your questions!

    Steve & Torn Banner Studios

  • Can you possibly go into further detail about what you’re fixing in the upcoming big patch?

  • Is there a duel mode coming (where both players have to consent to fight each other) and if so, when?

  • Hello!

    I was wondering if there will ever be customization, so that one can differ players from each other? Also, will there be a way to play more directly with your friends (like a system with names hovering over your friends, or something like that)?

  • Can you provide more information on how the duel mode will work?

    For example, how the duel requests will work, if we will be invincible to other damage that doesn’t come from the player we’re dueling, and if we will be able to toggle settings to ban weapons such as throwing axes or knifes.

    Thanks for doing this Q&A and keeping in touch with us!

  • This is the first q&a after release right? Just a general question, how do you feel about the finished product of your game then.

    Did everything turn out as you hoped? Or were there things you wish you could have done differently?

  • I understand why you are not allowed to to equip a shield and a two handed weapon, but you cannot equip a shield with fists. I like to wail on my opponents with some armored pugilism but i lament my loss of ability to block with my hefty kite shield. Is there a possibility that you will change this?

    Also an entirely different question, a lot of people get annoyed with archers, myself included, are you considering including tools that would allow class caps to be added to servers?

    thanks for answering my question on the previous developer Q&A, I love that you listen to the people that love your game!

  • 1. Would you consider making a persistent siege mode? Aka a siege that doesn’t last 5 minutes like every other game mode.

    2. Are you satisfied with the current way archery is handled. Do you have any sort of plans about them?

    3. Will you feature destroyable buildings with proper, progressive damage visuals. For example : a stone wall that slowly gets destroyed by a catapult.

  • 1. Was there supposed to be more to the map where Agatha burns down the fields and then pushes a bomb to the Mason city gates? It’s fun and get’s pretty intense but 2 objectives is kinda lame.

    2. Any chance of helm’s deep?

    1. Would you please comment on the economics and decisions behind trying to make a large patch that hits as many bugs as possible versus smaller “hotfixes” that target fewer bugs but with higher priority (e.g. new server browser)? For example, I think one of the downsides of a large patch is that everyone has really high and unrealistic expectations for the amount of things that it will fix.

    2. What is the status on the mod tools? When are you roughly expecting their release? What all will be included?

    3. Will Chiv devs be available and willing to answer modding questions?

    4. What kind of documentation will there be for Chiv modding?

    5. Will Sir Loin be able to do more voices for very popular mods? By that, I mean like the objective shouts and ambient background shouts.

    6. Any truth to the rumors about an iron maiden trap appearing in a future map?

    7. Would you be willing to publicly display your internal bug tracker as a way to communicate with the community about what bugs are acknowledged and what has been resolved for the next release?

    8. Any plans to add DirectX 11 goodies to current/future maps?

    9. Is yours a one or two hander?

  • Hello!

    I’m curious……is there any possible for this game to run a worldwide gaming competition?
    because of my first impression of the game, play chivalry makes me feel like playing “counter-strike” but in meddle ages. However, counter-strike has their own worldwide gaming competition, then I thought maybe chivalry has it’s potential to do the same thing. :P

    I’ve just played this game for 30hrs. It’s not a long period of time, so please forgive me if you think of my questions are too stupid.

  • Are there any plans for a built in LAN server browser similar to what many FPS’s do? Right now, or at least when I tried last, I had to start a separate executable then had to use the console in-game to connect to it, as well as all those who wanted to join. Not to mention adding in bots was a bit of a pain as I had to log in as an Admin on the server, then add the bots in that way and half the time they wouldn’t work.

    Better LAN features would be very much appreciated.

  • 1. What is being done regarding the auto-balance feature, which often auto-balances an MVP or skilled performer multiple times a round? Similarly how will the auto-balancing issue of stopping skilled friends from playing together be addressed, if they are constantly put on opposed teams, when all they really wish to do is play together, using voice communications and teamwork? - Why are late-comers, and team-switchers not favorable candidates for being auto-balanced?

    2. I am in favor of aesthetic Soldier customizations, helmets/tabards/coat of arms etc. I understand, your team is small, and this is not exactly the top priority at the moment, but what light can be shed on regarding ‘Veteran Helmets’ which have already been mentioned and other designs for character customization?

  • Some have already asked this, but I too find it one of the most interesting things for a game like this:

    **1. Will there be armor or banner customizations? It would be a great feature to tell each other apart on the battlefield.

    2. Are there any plans of overhauling the game mechanics like being able to beging an attack by swinging from the left?

    3. Are you considering game modes like a siege mode as in M&B, or even a persistent siege mode?
    I have suggested something like this in 2 threads.



    4. Will 64 player servers be possible?**

    Thank you

  • 1. Do you think every class should be perfectly balanced and equally deadly or do you expect some class to be competitive and others just casual?

    2. In approximately how much month should be expect a full SDK ?

    3. Any plans when it comes to the flinching system? What do you think of the current state?

  • 1. How do you feel about the design of the knight class compared to the other classes? Any plans on making knights running slower?

    2. Any plans to redesign javelins and make them not suck?

    3. Your opinion on MAA being 1 shot by knights and being an insane fragile class cannon?

  • 1. Are there any plans to implement some sort of punishment system for TKers (especially in the starting area)? Often times, TKers would spawn camp their own team and TK over and over again while the opposing team just stands there wondering where their enemies are.

    A possible suggestion is that a portion of the damage being dealt as friendly-fire be reflected on yourself. Let’s say the current FF modifier is 0.5 (not sure what the figure is exactly). The amount that is reflected on yourself would be 0.6 (slightly higher than what you deal to others).

    2. Not sure if you’ve visited the support forums, but there has been somewhat of an outbreak of connection issues in the past week or so. People have been trying to connect to any server (not server specific), play for around 60 seconds or so, and the client will auto-disconnect from the server. You would see other players continuously running in the same direction they were before the disconnection occurred. A lot of folks have not been able to play at all due to this issue. Is this something the support team is looking at?

    3. Can you give us a glimpse of what additional content will be coming our way? eg. types of weapons, game modes, maps, etc.

    4. Are there plans on improving the UI ingame? eg. creating equipment presets for the load out screen, or at least having the last used load out saved (per class)

    5. The issue of an archer being able to block almost indefinitely against a knight with a maul, for instance. Or in other words, are there any plans on having some weapons weaker to block with (eg. light secondary weapons against heavy 2 handed ones)?

  • I have only one - the other guys have covered by far, most of my questions as well:

    • [ingame] How do you plan to “deal” with the situation where someone directly stepped into another player can hit behind his shield via normal attacks.

    • [ingame] Do you plan to address the the issue in the attack, where people “attack” with their backs, glitching the bigger curve of their weapons and positioning in a way so their tracers start directly into the enemy. It’s a funky issue, while minor, sometimes annoying.

  • 1. Is the flail gonna be implemented with the next patch?

  • Thanks for making another Q&A

    1. Will there sometimes in the future be more than 32 players per map available? 32 is pretty much and the maps are well designed for it but it would give an epic feeling whe for example 64-100 players could run around at the samet time

    2. Will there be a battle mode like in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Warfarew where everyone has just one life? This would bring some really intense games especially when you make bigger maps or siege maps for even more players (question 1)

    3. Will you improve the Archer-handling? For me and a lot of other players it seems to be really uncomfortable to play as one. I think its really hard to hit somebody and the arrows aren’t strong enough.

    4. What kinds of new maps will you release? I’m just curious :D

    Thanks for your Time

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