NA (EST) Player looking for Clan [Apple]

  • My name is apple and I like to play TO, LTS, TDM and FFA.
    My kdr is usually between 4.0 and 6.0 playing vanguard or knight.

    Here is a short montage of my gameplay.

    For the order!

    Edit: the youtube tags aren’t working with any of my links so I will leave the simple URL, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • You could possibly play with my group. We play together near daily and we don’t come with any rules, so you can do whatever you want. Though you shouldn’t expect anything from us.

    At the same time we scrim regularly. (We have done 4 5v5 scrims in the past week.) Though we do give position priority in those to whoever plays better. Though if you play with us regularly, I doubt that would be an issue.

    We play LTS extremely repetitively but like I said, there’s no rules so you aren’t forced to play with us. You’re in the same time zone as us as well. The option is there at the moment. I sent you a steam friend request.

  • NIr2MgcDNts

    There you go. Remove the “&hd=1”. For embedding it won’t go in hd by default if you use the youtube tags.

  • Thank you Chuckdatass, I appreciate the formatting help.

    Thanks for the reply ~X~, I am looking for a more TO oriented group though, thanks for the reply.

  • Ok no problem. There’s lots of TO clans, I’m sure you’ll get one quickly ^^

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