Stuttering makes game unplayable

  • When playing Chivalry, I get 50-250 ms freezes once every 1-2 seconds. Strangely, the actual FPS is very high (I can tell because Fraps reports an average of about 50 and minimum 25, also visually things like water animations are very smooth). It’s hard to be exact, but it seems that the FPS does tend to “dip” from 50 down to 20 or possibly less (it flickers yellow momentarily) at the beginning of every second. Perhaps once every 50 frames or so, the frames takes a very long time to render.

    This also happens when playing locally with bots, but to a lesser extent.

    When I bought it 2 weeks ago it seemed to work fine, with all settings at high. Now all settings are at lowest, and while the nominal FPS is higher, I get stutters.

    The stutters are usually worse after alt-tabbing out of the game, and slightly less worse after rebooting.

    Things I’ve covered:

    • I have 8 GB ram and my virtual memory is on an SSD. The game never uses up more than 2 GB anyway.

    • My ping is never >100.

    • Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit

    • Drivers updated, steam updated, game updated

    • Tried the Engine ini file tweaks, tried using Beta steam.

    • Tried setting process priority to High

    • Tried moving the game files to SSD

    • Tried closing all background programs

    Relevant components:

    • Athlon II x3 435 (not overclocked)

    • AMD Radeon 5750

    • Game files are on a WD Caviar Green

    What is causing the stutter? Is it a software issue, or a hardware issue? How can I check for sure what is causing it?

  • @DarkKnight:

    • Game files are on a WD Caviar Green

    edit. Nvm. I’m not really versed on anything SSD. Sorry.

  • I’ve got a similar problem, where I get microstutters every time I perform an attack animation. And as you can imagine, that makes combat very difficult.

  • Try the texture compressor. Install video is in my sig. It improves FPS and stabilises it more too. Quality is not reduced.

    I dot know how much of an effect it will have on the stuttering though.

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