Thanks for such a awesome game!

  • Seeing there is more negative going on right now on this forum, some good stuff would be appreciated!

    So thanks for a awesome game! I for one love the game, pretty much are addicted to it! :D
    Since two weeks before the initial release i have been playing it (bough the $50 early release version) and have become pretty skilled at it. I’m taking the bugs and glitches for granted now but a patch have been announced to arrive soon (have some patient, you know who you are, 8-) )

    So can’t wait for more maps/weapons/modes and more seeing included!

  • Indeed, can’t praise Torn Banner enough for doing such a fantastic job on this game. Definitely looking forward to the future of it.

  • Considering this is an indie game as well, high high praise from me.

    Such a fantastic product! 8-)

  • sicne the release of AoC ive been with this party, and i ant leaving anytime soon (infact i think im at or almost past my borderlands 2 gametime in CMW now)

    TB rocks, and this game as it stands is amazing!

  • I wont Praise Torn Banner, but i will give them Thanks.
    Thanks4 something new&overall ok. (does need some tweaking/work for an +A rating)

    FPS shooters got rather old & ewwwww blaaaaaw.
    Thanks for a decent Medieval experience, &saving me the trouble of dressingup/Roleplaying that crap.

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