Battle Flag mobile respawn

  • Righto, the idea is to have a Battle Flag as a mobile respawn point that can be placed/moved closer to the action. It would only work once placed down.
    It would be vulnerable to enemy action to discourage bringing it too far forward. The Battle Flag would respawn after X time when destroyed.

    The length of time it takes to actually get into a fight can be very frustrating and is the biggest downside so far regarding this game.

    It also would help newer players by allowing them to access combat faster on death, and allow them to gain easier kills in the mass melee.

    –---------------- Summarised:
    Both teams in TO/CTF(?) have a Battle Flag respawn point.

    Can be placed anywhere, can be temp destroyed with 2-3 hits. Players choose which spawn to use.


    Faster return to combat, less “Marathon Simulator 2012”

    More dynamic combat, attacks can be launched from different directions.

    More intense combat, the dribble of reinforcements arrive quicker to the battleline

    “New Player” friendly, new players are more likely to return to an existing mass melee rather than face 1v1 which they will lose. Will also reduce frustration by allowing the rapid return to combat.

  • Personally I think that having to run to the fight opens up a wide variety of tactics for harassing and flanking that wouldn’t exist otherwise. The only problem right now is that defense rarely has to run to the objective, and often the short distance they do have to run is entirely cut off from the attacking team being able to enter and harass them as they respawn.

  • That is partly what this would be aimed to improve, by allowing the flag to be placed closer and in an unknown location.

    1. It would limit the dribble of players reaching the front and getting overwhelmed

    2. It would allow an organised group to Flag spawn and approach from a different direction. This would encourage flanking and make them more viable.

    It should be possible to choose where to spawn ala Battlefield.

  • This mechanism or ability would just be too much advantage for the attacking team. IF I had this at stoneshill as attacker on second objective, I’d hide behind the bridge and plant it there, keeping the agathians constantly pressure. No this would just break the balance on TO maps.

  • I think it would be better if both attackers & defenders had a Flag. It would be a large change in how battles are fought but for the better I believe.

    Each team would essentially be trying to overwhelm/out-flank the other team to destroy their Flag and allow them to rapidly advance before a new Flag can be brought up and deployed. This is in addition to completing the Objectives.

    Some limitations ie min distance to Objective may be worth while however but could also be seen as a high risk/reward strategy. The closer to an Objective the more likely a light footed MAA will flank and destroy the Flag.

  • Some maps would require changes to avoid extreme situations.

    Placing the defenders Flag forward during “Light the Beacon” would allow them to shut the attackers in their start zone. This could be counted by installing a catapult on the beached ship to enable the attackers to clear the beach zone.

    The goal is to allow the players to get into action faster.

  • I’ve summarised the idea, any major flaws or positive points?

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