[Weapon display] - Bearded Axe - visual bug

  • First of all I would like to greet and say hello all the Chivalry community since its my 1st post here :)

    Now down to the thing…

    Its not a ‘mechanic’ kind a bug, more a ‘cosmetic’ one.

    I’ve recentlly noticed a some kind of visual bug while playing a knight class and using Bearded Axe. When i switch to my secondary wep, the axe should be puted on my back but somehow its not, it just disappear. When i switch back to my primary weapon, i got it normally back in my hand.

    Ive tryed that with other 2-handers and everything seems to look normal (weapon lands on my back right after i grab my shield).

    Its my favorite weapon so far so i found it kinda annoying not to see it on my back while slahing down my opponents ;p Do you have any ideas how to solve this? Is this my computers fault, or maybe everybody’s got that?


  • Does the Poleaxe and Double Axe show on the back too?

  • Yes they are both shown on the back of my character while not in use. Only Bearded Axe becomes invisible after switching it to secondary weapon.

  • I just noticed I can’t see it either. Only the bearded axe.

  • Thanks, updated the bug list.

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