A handful of Javelin issues.

  • Not whinging or bitching here, just some observations:

    • No taunt (moving or stationary) with Javelin.

    • Reticule is pretty unhelpful, and strangely inaccurate. Running and chucking a spear is nowhere as inaccurate as the reticule suggests, not to mention drop compensation.

    • Sometimes readying a javelin makes it nearly impossible to turn, other times it doesn’t. Bug or intended feature that isn’t working properly?

    • No training section for arguably the most difficult to use ranged weapon.

    I would suggest giving a sort of leaf-sight grenade type. Basically a T with notches along the shaft to help a thrower determine where to aim based on range. I actually prefer the old aiming method (Just your hand) as opposed to this current one.

    The difference between throwing a jav while standing or while running is night and day, and it makes me wonder how bad the heavier ones are going to drop…whenever I manage to unlock them. I hope to be able to give some feedback in that regard later on.

    I could see limiting our ability to turn, if you increased throw speed again. But currently it’s just really clunky at times, and your ability to turn is still horribly impaired even after the spear has left your hand.

  • @Tibberius:

    It has been two weeks since release and it’s past time for us to give you guys an update on what we are working on. It makes us very happy to be able to say that so far our release has gone very well and player numbers are much stronger than expected, so we are very excited! Which is great news for you as well- because us being excited means you get patches faster and more post-release content!

    So far we have been primarily focused on getting bugs worked out and the first big patch is coming soon, hopefully within the next week or 2. Patch one includes: a complete remake of the server browser, fixed auto-balance, new ranged crosshairs, fixed javelins and keybind improvements among many other items highlighted by our community. After that we’re headed towards our first content update, which will bring a ton of new, free stuff to the game, first up includes new maps, new weapons and duel mode + plenty of surprises.

    Basically what we are saying is, we are so happy with how things are going for the game and the reception we have been getting that we are committing to an insane amount of content updates for you guys. I also wanted to thank you all for your feedback so far, anyone who has been posting in our initial impressions post on the forums or just giving us suggestions or feedback along the way, it means a lot and we really are listening and trying to bring the content you guys are asking for. Everyone who has purchased the game has played a role in making our dreams come true and that is something we will remember.

    So Thank you! And I shall look to pay deeper respects to you on the battlefield,

    Steve & Torn Banner Studios

  • @Metrocop:


    fixed javelins

    I’ve read this as well, but the fact is that “Fixed” is pretty vague, especially when it’s hard to tell if Javs are intended to slow your ability to turn when cocked back and thrown, or not, and the fact that I doubt this includes adding it to training.

    I hope the new crosshair is something similar to my suggestion, but I imagine it’s probably just going to be the same as the bow and Xbow crosshair, which is to say not a very useful crosshair for javs.
    Ultimately this doesn’t really pertain much to my feedback, aside from the lack of taunt.

  • Just wait patiently for the patch, although I guess it won’t come this week and I’m not sure about next week either. There is actually a lot that has to be fixed about javs and they for sure won’t do everything of it, so you’re thread will still have it’s point afterwards and then ppl will come up with other, meaningfull feedback ^^

  • I made a post about the javelin animations a while ago: basically it’s entirely pointless to wait through the re-arming animation when you can just cancel it.

    One of the mods/admins told me that javelins were being worked on and should be fixed soon. It’s pretty vague, but at least I know they’re working on it. Chivalry is still basically a beta with new weapons/features being added and tweaked.

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