• Ok, so I literally just bought this game, and turns out it lags like crazy for me. Turned down my settings all the way and it still lags. I would like to know if its possible to get my $25 back, as I can’t even enjoy this damn game.

  • Sorry but I think that is not possible. (Don’t blame TB for that, it’s because of Steam)

    What hardware do you have? Maybe the performance will increase a bit after the next patch.

  • Before buying a game you should look at the requirements and at your specs, If you can’t run it just don’t buy it. And yeah, Steam gives no refunds.

  • Steam gives a ‘one-time customer service gesture’ refund per account. You can have this requested, but it will be credited into your Steam wallet. As above, you should check out the minimum requirements before purchasing in future.

  • Wth I pass the requirements and still lag hell, this game is terribly optimized…

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