Disarming move

  • i think it would be nice to end a fierce duel with a disarming move, leaving your opponent defeated and ready to be finished.

    of course the question stands: ‘‘how?’’
    maybe when you are out of stamina and blocked for 2 times without stamina?
    or after a kick? to make the kick some more useful?

    this needs some good balancing, of course, but i think it would add an whole new play-style to this already amazing game.

    thanks and please share your opinion and suggestions.

  • I really don’t see the point of disarming, and there would be no way to make it fair and balanced.

  • Thanks for your comment Metrocop.

    In my opinion it is a pretty cool way to end a duel.
    of course, it needs balancing.
    like when? how?

    but it’s just a raw idea.

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