Character voices (mason vanguard)

  • I’m not sure if it’s been brought up before, I’m surprised if it hasn’t. Also, this is one of those things that I wouldn’t at all expect to get straightened out until later on after we get the fundamental patchwork done of course.

    I love most of the voice acting but I have to say the Mason Vanguard’s voices just have some things wrong with them compared to the rest.
    They seem a bit rushed, like they were the last ones to be recorded or something. Whoever did the recording had a terrible mic or room setup where you can hear the echo of the room they’re in. Just the sound quality itself is really not very good across the board on the Mason Vanguard.
    Also, the accent of the Mason Vanguard’s voices are just very American sounding and are out of place, as well as the Mason Archer. Most of the other voices seem to have an attempt at a British accent to them. (I’m American btw, but i really like it when voices at least try to sound a little authentic)
    Thirdly, the content of what the Mason Vanguard says is a bit lame and cheesy. At least in terms of the taunts and objectives. “You’re like a wench, whose natural gifts were poor” ??? “I’ll SPLIT you open like a ripe melon” lllammme. What happened to “Their skins for the charring barrel!!”?
    And finally, the overall gusto of the Mason Vanguard voices sound really half-hearted and forced. “is that chainmail, or are you wearing a dress?” the AoC voice for this, while not very European sounding, certainly said with a bit more attitude. Among other general voices of the MV that just don’t convey the message without some forced urgency.

    And in general, why did we get rid of the classic “YEHEHess! HAHAHAA!” from AoC?
    There’s some Agatha Vanguard voices that are a bit goofy as well: “I would like to meet me, but I shall infect my hands” huh? and “bless me? what a prior fornication is upon meeee!” the hell? I guess I haven’t seen some Monty Python or other material these quotes are referencing…but otherwise the Agatha vanguard voices are effectively pompous and funny.
    I also noticed that both Knights have varying recording quality on their voices, but over all very good performances. Some of what the Agatha Knight says doesn’t make sense to me as well: “dost thou pray’t rogue?”, “zowgs, i was never so bethugged with words” what do these mean???
    Otherwise I think the voices were done great and I especially like the Mason Knight since it preserves a lot of the original voice overs. I TIYA of MEEEEUHD, I THIRRST…FOOARR BLOOOD!!

  • I like how the Mason Vanguard talks like he just sang a heavy - brutal - gnarley death metal song. 8-)

  • @Unit:

    I like how the Mason Vanguard talks like he just sang a heavy - brutal - gnarley death metal song. 8-)

    It sounds like he has emphysema :(

    Come here you. I like yooouuuuu.

  • “Over here squire! I need help with my CODPIECE.”

    Whoever came up with that is seriously a genius and the line delivery makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

  • @Unit:

    I like how the Mason Vanguard talks like he just sang a heavy - brutal - gnarley death metal song. 8-)

    except that he sounds like a moron most of the time

  • I think the voices need a complete do-over, the accents are terrible.

  • I have to say, I love some of the charging battle cries, though. The really drawn out “WHARGHBARGLEBAAARLRRLL!” ones crack me up. I’m not kidding that I’ve seen the momentum of team matches get completely turned around thanks in part to the rush of confidence you get when your team waits to group up, then rushes in as one, with everyone screaming like total psychopaths. Good times.

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