Votekick Suggestion

  • I posted this in another thread so I shall copy and paste it. But, I can see how some may use votekick for griefing purposes. And I think this change is nice, but effective.

    It should require 3 people to start a votekick. So if person A types votekick, it is announced to the players that person A started a votekick against person B. In which case people would as why? And if a good reason is given, then person C and person D will also do a votekick against person B to get a server wide vote going.

  • But then we’ll never be able to kick people from games for the sake of being a jerk! I like it! Somebody should take this post more seriously. 8-)

  • @Matti:

    A simple redo of the votekick system should place votekicks in three categories; Teamkilling, AFK and ‘Other’. The Teamkilling option is available if the server has detected that somebody has recently been excessively teamkilling or teamdamaging. The AFK option is available if there has been no activity from the selected user in X amount of seconds/minutes. The “Other” category is always available, but a higher vote majority would be needed in order to make abuse more difficult for the perpetrators.

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