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  • One of the main grievances that I have are the servers. Often times I find that the best players I fight up against are from far away places like South America or Eastern Europe. This is because the foreign players(the two said above) that play on East U.S.A servers (the servers that I play), some how learn to exploit their distance from the server, and purposely use their lag to have an upper hand against opponents. I hope that in CMW, as opposed to AoC, servers will be restricted to regions. For Example, there could be a different set of servers for North America, and for lets say, Europe. Or, if the game gets popular enough, narrow it down even further to different region like Western/Eastern Europe; or East/West coast U.S.A. so my question is if servers will be restricted to such regions in the new game? The use of such restrictions will prevent outsiders from exploiting their distance from the servers as an advantage over the other players.

    One Example would be this one time, I was playing with some one from Brazil, and i know that Crusader has a slow over head; the guy got me immediately once the swing was initiated, in fact, on my screen, he did not even swing until I was already dead (the swing had not even started at the time of impact). The swing was finally finished about 2.7 seconds after my death.

  • That would upright kill competitive play if we were only able to play against people of our region, as well as break down my clan since there’s Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Russians. What you were dealing with is lag, I’ve scrimmed with it plenty of times and one well, you just need to react at different times depending on the lag. As well as the animations in AoC not being the best.

  • Yes, I know that I am dealing with lag. You said you have to react differently based on the lag but by its nature, lag fluctuates and is unpredictable; sometimes it makes you faster, sometimes it makes you slower and sometimes its a mix of the two. This makes people from far away places have a considerable advantage, since in our screen what might look like them standing still is actually a swing. Or you see you’re opponent completely finish their swing, you close in, but you still die (and i’m talking about a stab, which is very hard to delay like an overhead). As the thing about the clans… hmm. my guess is most people won’t be in clans so this should be implemented for the good of all. The competition? well it depends on if this game is popular or not, if this game becomes very popular, we don’t have to worry about the competition because there will be plenty of that. Of coarse, if it sells very few copies. then my suggestion won’t work because there will be to few people per region.

  • @GustavusIIAdolphus:

    Yes, I know that I am dealing with lag. You said you have to react differently based on the lag but by its nature, lag fluctuates and is unpredictable; sometimes it makes you faster, sometimes it makes you slower and sometimes its a mix of the two.

    Lag can also happen on servers that are close to you, it depends on the server host, your internet, coding, it could even be FPS lag on your part, but developers won’t restrict their game to region because that would cut out competition, and what developer in their right mind would do that? Internet isn’t perfect, computers aren’t perfect, lag IS going to happen and it’s something you’re going to have to deal with when playing online.

  • Why dont you just play on a server with ping limit?

  • I think the question about how many servers there are going to be and who will have access to which can’t really be answered before the game is launched for some weeks and the size of the playerbase is kinda set.

    So I’m for open servers for any region at first and later, if it seems necessary, regional restricted servers.

    Also very much like the idea of a ping restriction for servers^^

  • Developer

    I can confirm that lag in Chivalry is nothing but a hinderance. You don’t have to worry about anyone exploiting lag to their advantage, because they really can’t. Different engine, works different.

  • Vox, you say that restricting servers will reduce the competition, but what competition? People from far away places clearly have an advantage. Competition is when both parties have an equal opportunity to kill each other, unhindered by anything related to the servers; the only hindrances would be physical obstacles in the game its self (like a wall or something). But if the opposing party has an advantage over everyone else (since he is slow at times, and fast at other times, and a mix at other times, being completely unpredictable since you essentially can’t see his movements) then i don’t see how that competitive. Restricting servers will actually be the one to increase competitiveness, since now everyone can see everyone’s every move, no one is warping. That guy is played with had 43 kills and 11 deaths, and he joined the game when the battle was already half way done! And those 11 deaths were from team kills, no one on our side was able to kill him cause he lagged so much.

    Oh and Tyler, I’m so glad you said that thanks :D.

  • if you’re saying it won’t completely destroy competition, how would you go about restricting the servers?

  • In my opinion, it won’t limit competition at all because when I play Age of Chivalry, most of the time 100% of the people are from the same region (East Coast U.S.A), or close enough to be under 150 latency (yet there is still that one person that gets like over 45 kills but compensated with about an equal amount of deaths). So if in Age of Chivalry the game is basically already separated into regions (since Admins kick people from far away places anyways), Making restriction of servers will only be a formality. This is necessary because well, most of the time there is no Admin, so people from really far away can exploit there lag as they please.

    Any ways, I propose limiting the servers perhaps as follows: All North Americans in the same time zone should be able to play together provided they are under a certain latency number. If this isn’t possible, then it could be separated into other ways, maybe combining Central and Eastern Time zones in the United States and having further Consolidations in Canada.

    Alternatively we can do what nedsat said “Why dont you just play on a server with ping limit?” If restricting the game to regions is not workable, then CMW could limit servers in a way to have every single server automatically block entry to anyone over a certain latency limit.

    Adding to this suggestion, I think there should be a vote to kick option; I want this to apply to Admins too because a lot of the times Admins abuse there powers and we can’t do anything about it. We should be able to kick em and not have em come back for IDK 1-2 hours. Last time I played the game, an Admin was team killing on purpose, but we can’t do anything about it because the forgive/don’t forgive option didn’t apply to them.

  • Buy a server, run it like you want to, you can’t tell everyone to conform to your ideals. And if you don’t like playing on a certain server then switch servers.

  • Well thing is its not a question of not liking playing in a certain server, happens on EVERY SINGLE server I play in.

    But anyways, how do you buy a server?

  • 1. Get a credit card
    2. Search Google
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    Seriously. Server restrictions are stupid, limit playerbase, and honestly, don’t do that much good to counterbalance the bad. I’ve played in German servers with under 80 ping, and yet have played servers just a few hundred miles south of me with an average of 150-300. I’ve played on a server based in the next town over with a ping spike of 999! Location is not the only factor for ping, your net connection, their net connection, server quality, ISP quality, and weather all have an affect, and most of these you can’t control Learn to live with it like everyone else.

  • ^

  • I see what you’re saying Ajax, sounds reasonable enough.

    Does it have to be credit Card? I’m not willing to get one anytime soon. As for debit… well I will son have to have one but for now i will do without a bank account, I distrust bankers because of what happened during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Can it be like Money Order or something?

    Oh and I’m not looking to profit.

    Uh, I tried looking it up, says I have to have prior experience Hosting servers, I have none what so ever.

  • good server host, i’m sure you’ll find a few sites that will give you more info about how you can pay for them, i know most of them will accept credit cards, pretty much EVERYONE does

  • Uh, I tried looking it up, says I have to have prior experience Hosting servers, I have none what so ever.

    You don’t need any hosting experience whatsoever because there is actually no hosting for you to do, they do it. All you do is tell your host what game you want, what mods you want on it, and you can even edit your own configs in custom made ‘Control Panels’ which are extremely easy to use. Then it’s just a case of adding yourself as an administrator to Sourcemod (or another admin plugin) and away you go.

    You only need to host yourself when you’re purchasing unmanaged (or sometimes managed depending on the host) dedicated servers, because you’re given a Windows installation and it’s entirely up to you how you handle it and what you want to install. When purchasing single game servers, you have no access to the Windows installation itself, everything is done via a web based control panel.

    Where are you looking to purchase a game server from? I’ll give you links to some of the best hosts I know of.

    Generally, all hosts will accept Credit/Debit Cards & Paypal. Some allow bank transfer (but is much much slower to progress this way).

  • Oh thanks Martin I didn’t know that XD. So uhm, is it possible to buy a server from Steam itself?

    Oh and I got Age of Chivalry because they had this one time offer where Portal was free for some reason. I wanted to try it so I downloaded it and beat it. Then my brother told me it was a source game and so I can play Age of Chivalry now. So do I tell the server people I want to host portal??? It’s only single player so it doesn’t really make sense. Or do I tell them Orange Box?

  • No, you don’t buy from Steam itself. For our (my clan) Age of Chivalry server right now, we’re using as our provider. When ordering a game server, you select Age of Chivalry (or if it’s not available, you can ask for it, because it’s incredibly easy to download AoC server files).

  • Under 20 ping
    Under 50 ping
    50-90 ping is the most annoying, more so on Source/Gold Source
    Anything above that means they’re probably seperated by you via ocean…

    Ping restriction should be cut at 55 and 120/150.

    Chivalry doesn’t have the userbase for a 20 ping server, a 50 ping server… HeII, probably not even a 120 ping server.

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