More visual effects overall

  • Ok guys, this game is honestly really fun, besides some obvious bugs, and the game looks really nice graphically. Really nice level design and character design and effects.

    But i must say, something just feels “not right” over-all as far as the graphics go. I feel like the game isnt done or something.

    Theres quite a few key elements that this game lacks that i think would really add to the immersion.

    For 1, the fire looks like shit. Medieval warfare had LOTS of fire, this game, the fire doesnt look all too good.

    Im sorry ,but the fire looks like fire from castlevania or something. Really unrealistic. And that only when the fire actually shows up proper. Too many times i pick up torches to have no fire on it, or see houses burn down with very little fire on it. The fire seems bugged, and it looks like it came from an N64 game. Sorry. But this game needs better looking fire.

    Also, we need more of a feel of impact.

    Getting hit in the shield should cause slash marks with swords, blunt weapons should cause a dent or cause wood chips to fly off it.

    I love how the helmet can fall off, but there should be more….stuff like this to signify damage.

    Right now, you can tell when a player is “dying” by having him covered in blood. I think we should change this.

    I think blood should fly when attacks hit, stick to objects, and other players, and when you see players covered in blood, its not just their own blood, but other peoples too.

    You would still be able to tell “when a guys hurt” because we can add decals to the character model, for example:

    When vanguard takes chest shots, have his banner tear off him (because its made by TORN BANNER LMFAO LOL ROFL HAHHAHHAHAHA(no pun intended))

    Then second shot some chain mail should cut open and expose his skin a bit, and if he survives a 3rd the chainmail should start falling off. You can tell a vanguard has been seriously wounded when hes missing chunks of chainmail and garmet.

    For knights, slashes should cause scratches on the armour, and blunt attacks should cause big “dents” in it, the knight should literally “dent in” after attacked. You would be able to tell a knights low on health when his armor is all dented up.

    MAA can have the leather he wears start falling off and such.

    Arrows should stick into targets better.

    There should be more death animations, people cut right in half, falling to their knees with swords through them, ect.

    Overall, this game needs more stuff added in graphically. Right now it kinda even feels incomplete. sorry to say. game is awesome and very fun but, it needs more of a sense of immersion.

  • You have some decent ideas, but not implementing them is not game-breaking for me. How do you propose to handle the damaged armor/clothes as a player regenerates health?

  • @samuraigen52:

    You have some decent ideas, but not implementing them is not game-breaking for me. How do you propose to handle the damaged armor/clothes as a player regenerates health?

    I say the armour isn’t affected by the health regen, just maybe the blood can go away a bit.

  • It seems to me that in the game atm. If youre hit and take huge dmg and almost die. you will regen and recover a full health bar but the amount of hp has decreased, and u will not have the same amount of hp as you did when you spawned. A single overhead hit from medium and heavy weapons will kill you even at full regenerated hp. If this is not how it is, this is how it should be……

    It is enough to look at youre health bar to see it regenerate, and when the red blur and heartbeat stop u know ure regenerating.

    Broken armors and chainmails etc. should just stay dent/broken until you die. a cool way to know that people have done some heavy fighting. Also very usefull for spotting targets low hp and focusing them.

    A big fan of the blood idea. i think its so crappy that you get youre own blood on you when youre close to dying, and then it just sucks itself back in when u regenerate… lame…
    Blood should be somthing that comes from fighting, ur blood and everybody elses should spray onto everybody around you.

  • I have to agree with this!
    I have been playing this game for a couple hours and one of the things I miss from AoC is blood on the ground and the ability to tweak corpse despawn times in the .ini. It’s more immersive for me if I can see loads of dead bodies on screen, I tweaked RO2 and there is no performance impact and it looks great. Both games run on the same engine so I don’t see why it isn’t possible to do in chivalry.

  • until they optimize the game any added eye candy such as better looking fire will just add to poor performance.

  • @fwbo777:

    MAA can have the leather he wears start falling off and such.

    I would be naked half the time 8-)
    i like all ur ideas, very good stuff.
    Preformance is the only problem.

    other then that i agree

  • I agree with most of the OPs post and would love to see more work put into animations and blood and gore.

  • I agree. I love the game, because it’s medieval, no magic, and realistic. But the developers could certainly make it even more realistic. Bad example, but take CoD, WaW. You could blow off limbs, and see the blood trail from the limb/head in the air, and then land on the ground. And blood splatter all over the place.
    But I think we need to remove the “Brown/white trail” after projectiles.

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