Terrain Improvements?

  • First lets preface with- This game is awesome.

    But as I was playing today; I don’t know the level names so I do apologize if I’m vague. The Bomb cart level got me thinking; there are two bridges on this map but strategically they are pretty useless since you can charge full speed through the river/creek.

    - Perhaps only walking or significant speed penalty for walking into the water?

    And again on the same level; the decor is amazing; palisade walls and spiked barricades, but wouldn’t it fit just a bit more if you took damage if you walked into those spikes?

    - Consider having spiked barricades damage any player that walks into them? Only from the front/below, obviously.

    I love that the maps look so great; but could we make them more immersive? Holding both bridges could be a serious strategic play, while your archers pick off the ones bogged down in the water! Same goes for the Battering Ram/Agathian Castle level!

    Of course, there might be other things that have to be tweaked to balance this too; since it seems to get exponentially harder to move that pushable into position the farther it gets!

    TL;DR - Can we make water slow the player and spiked barricades hurt?

  • I have also noticed on some of the maps you can easily get stuck while moving forward. This seems like a simple hitbox adjusting solution, but it can be tedious scanning through a whole map for problems like this. However, it can be done over time and with an expanding community such as this one.

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