• I think different helmets would make for a good way to spot friends and teammates.
    There is lots of good looking helmets from the medieval age. And i think it would be cool seing something different from the Agatha knights pigface visor and archers “John Smith” helmet.
    theres is tons of helmets that i want so bad in this game.
    I really dont like too much customisation as it often ruins the game. And i really dont like looking at big ugly crests on helmets.
    I was thinking that 10 different helmets for each class would be cool, and give you the opportunity to look different if you want to.

    Sorry for my poor English. ):

    Let me know what u think and which helmets you would like to see

  • Veteran helmets will be in the next patch, so this will atleast give us some different options.

  • Ultimately I would love to see a full on “Helmet customization” in regards to actually customizing your helmet with variances in design and crests/symbols/flair bits. Getting a vanguard helmet with cast iron dragon wings, or a knight helmet with Nordic etching into the steel, a colored hood for your archer…etcetc.

    Though that’s not something I would expect to see for some time…or necessarily for free. I wouldn’t mind paying for a cosmetic DLC like that at all though.

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