• Discuss the game, brag about win/loss ratio, bash nubz for using IRNV. Topic = BF3.

  • pre-ordered the game…
    got it…
    put disk in…
    installed origin (WTF?!)…
    got stuff on my pc not having windows 7…

    but omg yes it looks awsome i sooooo wanna do those 64 player battles we can have :D

  • Hey, I want the game but it’s only single player, and my brothers and I not willing to spend like $60 on a game only one person can play at a time =/ (we like split screen games) . But anyways ive seen the trailers and it looks awesome. Can you ACTUALLY fly jets? just like in Battlefield 2? Oh and are the maps really big or are they small? or are there both? What tool do you use to repair vehicles? Are you guys good? how do you become “Good?” I ALWAYS have a negative k/d in shooters (in Chivalry as well), averaging around 0.5 k/d ratio; that s two deaths per kill Gentlemen. So ya, how do you kill people easier? One of the reasons ive liked Bad company so much is because a lot of the combat is close quarters inside buildings, so its really easy to kill people cause i just use a shotgun or grenade launcher. Some times I get like an average 2.00 k/d in bad company… just by using shotgun XD. But in other battlefields, where most of the combat is medium range, i can’t kill at all. How do you guys do it?

  • lol, my buddy that’s just experience…You know that professional gamers develop a instinctive sense for reaction and response to games it’s scientific fact that a professional gamer actually use a part of their brain for this very thing and the casual gamer will not have any response in that part of his brain what so ever, while playing something he doesn’t know as intuitive as an experienced gamer.

    Battlefield 3 has wonderful graphics…more so because of the texture work is just amazing, however more amazing than that is the sound quality…I’ve never heard something so immerse to say the least.

    Same repair style as always, you can fly jets, medium range just depends your class and style of combat there is no perfect answer, or class, or solution.

    Fairly big maps, destructive environment like bfbc2, great game but it’s more similar to avatar it’s a world wide conundrum for graphics and sound…but nothing has beaten 1942 yet for its era of game play…Battlefield 2 was pretty good too but imo I think bf3 has a lot more potential only thing lacking is more unique maps such as battlefield 2142.

    Campaign is abnormally good for the battlefield series, requires quite a fast computer so you better have quite the gaming computer.

    Only con to me is-
    The game isn’t quite as refreshing as AoC just as a side note so you may not be able to marathon the game as some people could in AoC lol.

    And a side note skyrim will have (and has) detracted many gamers but that shouldn’t effect your experience in servers if you do get it.

  • Was tempted to pick it up, but the beta dissuaded me. It looks fun. It just doesn’t look fun enough for me to buy it. The same can be said for MW3. Shooters are getting stale for me. :(

  • Note - If you want to have any kind of a good performance/game feel get at least 1 friend you can play/teamwork with. Random pub teammates suck :V

  • Thread /revive

    The unlock system really sucks though… I mean, I pre-ordered and was able to pre-load the game through Origin, which means I got to play on day one, when everyone was still level 1.

    Right now though, if you were to buy the game and get into any kind of attack vehicle (Tank, jet, helicopter) you would be at an extreme disadvantage because you don’t yet have any unlocks.

    A vanilla tank with 1 guy in it who hops out to repair versus a tank with 1 guy in CITV station who hops out after the guided shell shot to repair, with Reactive armor/Zoom optics/Guided shell? Not a chance, not even if the guy in the vanilla tank is three times as good.

  • Got the game in a promotional sale when I bought my computer a while back and was very pleased with the game. :P

    Then one day Origin decided to terminate my account entirely :x no help from tech ether.

    I did get the game for free I suppose but this lady’s and Gentlemen is Origin at its FINEST!

  • garbage

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