Aussie or Kiwi?

  • Are there any forum members out there that are Australian/Living in Australia/Kiwi/Living in New Zealand?
    Furthermore, are there any Aussies/Kiwis out there that are in/interested in joining or starting an Australian/New Zealander Chivalry Clan?

    I’m currently placing the foundations for an Australia/New Zealand based Chivalry tournament ladder. Basically in the process of constructing the website (which will be updated daily) where you’ll be able to register your team [or join one] (totally free of charge/no money involved) to compete on our servers, if it’s successful there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.

    Game rules and Entry conditions are TBA at the moment. I am currently also looking for players who are interested in Refereeing matches and working on the website with us.

    The reason I am limiting this to Australia/New Zealand is obviously only due to ping. You don’t have to be from Australia/New Zealand or in Australia/New Zealand to join/compete but all ranked tourney matches will be played only on the tourney’s servers, which are… you guessed it, in Australia/New Zealand :)

    Depending on interest, I would like to start this tournament up mid to late January and I’ll be deploying the website as early as late November/early December.

    Anyway, seeing as I’m writing this as an inquiry of interest level, thoughts?

    [edit: Sorry bru’s totally forgot our Nzed cuzzies eh!]

  • Interested. :)

  • Also keen, would be fun. Happy to assist if you need a hand.

    I was thinking of getting a CG ladder ( up once the game was more competitive-friendly.

  • @Carsha:

    Also keen, would be fun. Happy to assist if you need a hand.

    I was thinking of getting a CG ladder ( up once the game was more competitive-friendly.

    I’m awaiting the next patch deployment. I think from this patch we should be able to base a sound rule-set for competitions. I’m hoping there are a fair few more server commands for admins in relation to competitions, but all in due time.

    I would like this tournament to be independent of any multi-cluster-broad-range-gaming-competition.

    Funds for such a project will come internally (from myself and contributors) rather than from a website with a crap ton of ads. My domain will be ad-free and total Chivalry.

  • Heya Track, seen ya on the battlefield quite often. I’m mainly interested in duelling and all that, but I reckon I’d quite like to be part of a clan tourney.

  • I think I remember CG from years ago, the site sort of looks complicated now… I’m getting old

    Will registration be easy enough?

  • I’m down so long as when I become the king on TO you don’t mind my role playing.

  • interested and will bring alot of comp players from other games (shooters mainly) if it takes off

  • i kno this is irrelevant but idk if brett or jermain would like being called kiwi?

  • Finally I found another clan that is based in Aus/NZ :D I’m sure that a battle between your clan and Squishy Organism would be a great one indeed!

  • The one thing that sucks about aussie players is that they are the best non-americans to play with in onling games, but the ping barrier… Yall and koreans. Everyone else is just mean, and when they die it’s like a kid playing CoD in the microphone. Post a server IP here. I wouldn’t mind pubbing with high ping with you guys.

  • I just bought the game, looking for a Aussie Clan to teamup with.

    I prefer the various matches, but finding too many are multiplay free for all matches :(

    Looking to learn and play scenarios more than arenas.

  • Is this thread still active?

    Recently got the game, having a ball, particularly on the aussie servers where the behaviour is better (no sledge, but being an aussie what others may take as insulting or rude is part and parcel of us normally…and vice versa I suppose).

    The lack of an in-game non in-battle chat system or lobby really makes it difficult to locate other players, and I’d be keen to either join/assist with any of our local servers/clans, or to establish these myself if anyone is interested.

    On Steam, I’m:
    Gungho|Takeda|Yamagata Masakage
    HIdden Gunman

    Or, drop me a line through these forums.


    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!

  • Yes, you should make an Aussie/NZ tournament setup seen every other region (EU/NA) have one setup and aus/nz dont. Deff should do it, want to get dem prizess brah

  • Cool, an Oceanic Chivalry Clan. :D

  • I am the lowly famous aussie chivalry player (MADDNESS!!!) and i would love to join in this au/nz tournament stuff, only got 2 people in my clan though hope that doesnt affect anything and we are recruiting people so come and join if you want to become a competitive aussie player

  • Might be interested, but at the same time, not. Games a bit buggy to really give an accurate table. Kiwi’s competing against Australians on Chiv will suffer from a pretty bad ping in an Australian server. Even the fastest ones are still quite laggy at times.

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