Improve terrain collision handling or 'fix invisible walls'

  • Hi guys,

    First off all: i love this game. I’m a critical and demanding veteran warband / crpg player and even though the combat in this somewhat slow and sluggish, i find myself enjoying chivalry immensely. The visceral and bloody combat and especially the way the game handles the impact from blows on the player models is superb. So kudos for a great game!

    So here is my suggestion:
    It’s probably been said before, but i feel that chivalry is especially bad when the player model collides with some static object like a wall, a cart or a too-steep-to-walk-on slope. You just instantly come to a halt, often in mid-walking animation.

    This is highly frustrating. The game feels smooth overall, but when running along a wall and ‘scraping’ it with a shoulder, instead of being slowed down gently or bouncing off the wall a little bit… the game only has one way to handle that. You freeze. You come to a complete and instant halt.

    Is it possible to tweak or optimize the way the game handles those kind of collisions?

    Maybe instead of freezing / coming to an instant and complete halt, the game could let you ‘bounce off’ or at least gradually decrease speed instead of halting instantly.

    I realize the game uses the unreal engine and you are probably limited by the way that engine handles player collision, but please, if there is some way to improve that aspect of the game i’d be chuffed to bits if you would look into that.


  • I mostly agree with the OP here and I must add a few thoughts on the subject as well. It often happened that I get stuck and blocked by terrain in ridiculous situations such as walking on the side of the first steps of stairs, where anyone could seemingly simply walk over with ease. even some “steep slopes” seem awfully simple for any human being to walk on, if mildly difficult in heavy armor and you still get instantly stopped, unable to go anywhere unless you completely go around these obstacle, which means death if you are reatreating. The most annoying part of this is if you are actively reatreating and you are absolutely certain that you can walk there and you still just get stopped. Of course I wont ask you to support running away, but its always good to back off once in a while to go back in at the best opportunity with allies.

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