DON'T PLAY THE BETA PATCH (reasoning inside)

  • A friend and I have both played the patch and when we tried to switch back it causes crashing when you join a game. I altered every video setting I have, restarted steam, cleared my cache and all that, trying to reinstall.


    1. Reinstalled
    2. restarted computer
    3. set everything to low
    4. reset to default and saved helmets
    5. started the tutorial to the slaying of the first mason
    6. then I was able to join multiplayer games.

  • I thought that was the deal about it… that you have to reinstall.

  • @Siegbert:

    I thought that was the deal about it… that you have to reinstall.

    I’m like 95% sure you should only have to re-select opt-out and then patch.

  • Reinstalling allows me to join a server, but attempting to spawn a player results in a crash on my previous settings and the lowest settings.

  • @b3h47pte:

    Hey all,

    We thank you for your patience as we worked on getting this first patch out! We hope you enjoy it :)

    If you haven’t already, please check out the patch notes here:



    Virginia (US East)

    downloads of up to 1GB

    If you have read the above and still wish to test the beta, please following these instructions:

    1. Right Click “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” on your game list
    2. Hit Properties
    3. Click on the “Betas” tab
    4. In the dropdown menu, select the “Beta” branch. You should see "Successfully opted into the ‘Beta’ content beta.
    5. Close the window and the next time you go to launch the game, Steam will automatically begin to download the update.

    If you wish to go back to the release build, follow the above steps, except in the drop-down menu, select “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.”

    Thanks for helping us test the patch!

    Have you tried that?

  • @Metrocop:

    Have you tried that?

    If I didn’t I wouldn’t have gotten to the beta, or back to the regular build.

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