OFFICIAL: "GrammarGod is like God only better"

  • From Gamespot:

    Speaking to an eager group of reporters regarding the esports phenomenon known as “GrammarGod,” Torn Banner Studio’s spokesperson officially declared that GrammarGod is “like God only better.” According to Torn Banner, the limitations of human language make it impossible to communicate the transcendental domination GrammarGod displays over every gametype, and with any class or weapon. “We want GrammarGod to father our children, either directly or through our wives,” Torn Banner’s representative explained. At press time, GrammarGod was too cool to respond to our requests for comment.

  • You need to meet AXE…

  • BREAKING: Moderator Locks Useless Thread


    Moderator SlyGoat was questioned today regarding his involvement in a particular thread concerning user GrammarGod. When asked why this particular thread was closed down, his response was “Mostly because it was a complete waste of space, and the time I spent clicking it and reading it was so detrimental to how I want to spend my life. That’s time I’ll never get back. Right now I’m just trying to cope with the loss and move on, but the damage is done.”

    More details regarding this thread lock will not be made available because said thread has been closed and thus cannot be reached for further comment.

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