Character won't stop moving.

  • Yesterday the game was working perfectly fine, no problems whatsoever, but this evening I logged in and my character will not stop moving. As soon as I get past the class selection the camera immediately starts to move left. When I spawn my character constantly strafes left, unless I constantly hold the right movement key. This has made it impossible to play, making the game I just bought yesterday a total waste. Help would be much appreciated.

    I’ve tried resetting the game, steam, computer, and verifying game cache to no avail.

  • Have you thought about fixing your keyboard or something… :o …???

  • Keyboard is fine, tested it on several other first person games, Skyrim, New Vegas, Dead Space 1/2, etc. All other games work fine. It is only Chivalry.

  • Any joysticks connected with the computer?

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