Distance as a variable for arrows

  • Hey everyone,
    I´ve just watched an episode of Weapons that Made Britain: The Longbow and in part 2 you can see a test of armor being affected by an arrow with different velocity. Watch this right here:


    So as you can see a knight´s armor gets nicely penetrated by an arrow shot from a 20-meter distance. Therefore in order to keep Chivalry a bit more realistic I think there should be a connection between the distance (or arrow speed) and the damage done to heavier classes. :)
    Let me know what you guys think about that and share your ideas :) .

  • Seems like a pretty solid idea! I like the possibility to have different falloff ranges for bows vs xbows.

    We could have classic bow damage falloff faster; thus giving a particular niche to xbow; which the massive arrow speed and less fallout at range we could make it a player choice of more rapid fire bow or decide if the higher range and dmg but slower xbow is worth it.

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