Game Will Not Launch (Steam)

  • Hello guys, I’m having trouble with launching the game on Steam. I’d taken a break for two weeks before returning to this game, but every time I click “play”, the “preparing to launch Chivalry: Medieval Warfare” box flickers for a moment and is immediately replaced by: “This game is currently unavailible (Corrupt game files)”. It used to work before.
    So far, I’ve been searching the web for solutions- verifying integrity of game cache, restarting steam, redownloading, launching the game from C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/chivalrymedievalwarfare/Binaries/Win32 (or Redist), and deleting the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare folder in the My Documents/My Games folder. Please help, I really want to play this game!

  • Any ideas?
    If needed, I have a intel i5 3.3 GHz processor and a Radeon HD 6900 graphics card and 16gb of ram.

  • What does it say when you verify the integrity of game cache?

  • It says “1 files failed to validate and will be reacquired.” And then it shows that it’s downloading in the Steam library. Launching it takes me to the first time setup (the Epic Redist Package), installing prerequisites, but chivalry can’t launch (unspecified error).

  • Any more suggestions?

  • Since it showed an error, can you post the log file? Might as well throw in a DxDiag.txt for good measure.

  • Ive made a youtube video explaining how to fix this check it out if you like–pBU&feature=plcp

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