Realistic Death's

  • If get shot in heart, character dies or If a arrow go’s through characters eye to the brain,the character dies. You know dieing of things that would kill you in real life.These are my thoughts, please let me know what you think below.

  • Obviously, when You are shot in the lung, liver, throat, aortas and most of guts, people dies :) And to get to the brain, You dont need to shoot through eye ;) Thats why they invented armor - it protects most of the body and its vital parts. But its only a game and You would be able to cut the head that is in chain coif, which is practically impossible, unless a real monster with ultra sharp, heavy double - handed axe do it :)

  • Personally I think unrealistic deaths are way underrated…

  • inb4 he likes hardcore mode…

  • I like what u call “hardcore mode”, and play every game that way in single. I love when game is a challenge, when it demands thinking to survive. But also i understand a balance, especially in MP -games. Most of the players, i am sure, are young (12-20yo) people who are fascinated in fast, or even ultra-fast gameplay, dying hundreds of times. And a big percentage of players are older, who don’t have a time to long, immersive gameplay and are just trying to relax and not to be frustrated by hardcore gameplay. Amongst them are players aged 5-95, having fun by trying to be real good players, and by saing “good” i’m not counting “frags”, points or so, but trying not to die, teamkill, always helping teammates, being polite, developing they skills slowly and patiently, but it’s 5% maybe of what i saw so far. Of course there is a lot of “player types”, and I am not trying to say some are better or worse (ok, cheaters and tkers are;)), but understanding idea of balance, just so everyone have fun, which is (i believe) hardest thing to attain for developers, is crucial. Anyway, if it would be me, game would be much slower, with not so often respawning capabilities, armor would be armor, death would be death, and weapons wouldn’t be as lethal as i.e. in AoC…but who will play such a crap? ;P

    sorry for long post with poor english.

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