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  • AQ - Anquer Quare
    English Translation: Iron Fist

    General Information:

    We are a close knit community of players who have a strong lust for skilled PvP, but above all, play together to have fun.
    Our main policy is:
    “No Dickheads, No Cheats, No Bullshit”

    Homepage: http://www.anquer-quare.com

    Public AQ hosted servers: http://www.anquer-quare.com/main/servers/

    Forums: http://www.anquer-quare.com/forums

    Rules: http://www.anquer-quare.com/main/the-aq-doctrine/

    Games we currently play:
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Dota 2, Minecraft, Natural Selection 2, others…

    Games we are keeping an eye on:
    Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Planet Side 2, Salem, DayZ, others…

    Games we have played:
    Mortal Online, Darkfall Online, others…

    About us:

    We are run by a council but every member has a say in the decision making process of our community. We have members from all over the world with varied and interesting personalities looking to expand our horizons to meet the challenges that any game has to offer.

    Our Goals:
    We have several goals within the games we play, but our most important goal of all is to simply have fun.
    We lust for organized team based PvP, though we also enjoy other aspects of the games we play.
    If interested enough in a game, we will strive to be at the top. Becoming the best and fighting the best is one of the things we aim for when we play games. Because of this we actively participate in events and tournaments and even organize our own.

    AQ in Chivalry: MW

    In chivalry, AQ aims to be a competitive team (AQ.a) that participates in tournaments and events.
    We want to win these tournaments and to do such we need players that are very good, competitive and above all else team-players.
    We currently have 3 chivalry servers set up to accommodate to any of our member’s needs.
    Practice sections will be scheduled and so will scrims with other clans.
    We also have in-house tournaments and events.

    We aim to be the best, so we need the best.

    We are currently recruiting people from all timezones. We aren’t looking for casual gamers even though our philosophy is real life > game.
    We are an English speaking guild. It is imperative your english is good enough to hold a conversation so you can fit in. We use Teamspeak 3 for voice communication.

    To apply to our community please visit:
    Follow the instructions given there.

    If you are already a member of AQ and wish to apply to the AQ.a team please visit:
    Follow the instructions given there.

  • ……
    How to contact us:

    [AQ] Frontal

    Challenge AQ to a scrim:
    http://www.anquer-quare.com/forums/foru … Discussion

    Chiv: MW general discussion:
    http://www.anquer-quare.com/forums/foru … iv-General

    Or private message me here on the chivalry: MW forums.

    Tournaments and events AQ participated:
    5vs5 MedievalTV Tournament #1 (02/11/2012)
    AQ - 2nd place.
    http://www.anquer-quare.com/forums/show … rticipates

    AQ in-house events and tournaments:
    AQ Chiv:MW in-house 1vs1 Tournament #1
    http://www.anquer-quare.com/forums/show … urnament-1

    AQ organized events and tournaments:


  • Roster

    AQ.a Team:


    Other members:


  • Well, I dare say, this has to be one of our most elegant recruitment posts! Frontal, you deserve a custom flair in teamspeak.

  • Silly soupie, flares are for babies.

  • @Frontal:

    Silly soupie, flares are for babies.

    Is dat so? Welp, I’m totally okay with being a baby if I get a personal flair.

  • AQ is looking for scrims. To contact us use one of the means provided here:

    Any community/clan can challenge us, we just want to practice and have a good time.
    Major interests: 5vs5 LTS and 5vs5 TO. Other scrim types can be arranged too if interested.
    Rules are to be decided between both teams pre-scrim.

  • Bumping to say we are still recruiting and are still interested in scrims.

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