Looking for clan

  • Vanguard with halberd. Rank 36.
    Making game with 70 kills in TO and good in LTS too.
    Speaking french and english is not so bad
    Add me to steam, I’d like to duel with experience players too.
    Good day sir
    I’M from Quebec so a clan with a server East cost would be best.
    Thank you

  • why you leave cyg!? :(

    We miss you and your sexy voice.

  • Well I believe clan leader hated my face + I don’t very like being shout at to get on mumble when it’s awkward for me to speak english.
    I understand english perfectly tho
    I may not look like it but I’m pretty good at teamwork and following the rules. I have 0 problem with it. and yes I like to taunt ! laugh at my dying ennemy and play a little “bitchy”
    I have a particular playstyle too, I’m getting very good at rushing in and landing hits on 3 target at the same time while comboing even tho I know it’S very risky. I would never use this in a tournament tho.
    Anyway feelking kinda alone in this game since I’ve left I’m not sure what to do. MIght have take the wrong decision by leaving but well.
    Anyway, see ya

  • The only reason we want people on mumble is to at least be able to hear us when we talk tactics. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to it would just be nice if you can.

    We know you are a good player and do well with your team it’s just at certain practices we would just like to try out new tactics and see how they work with the team. If you feel like your playstyle is to just rush in then we would work something out with the rest of the team to make that playlstyle more effective and that would benefit the rest of the team.

    We still would very much want you to be one of our clan-mates again.

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