MY IDEAS - Falling down ?

  • Hello,
    I love this game and consider it the best game I ever bought and played.
    That is why I am also concerned in making it better or adding some new features.
    Sorry for my English though - English is not my national language.

    1.) How about making a fall system. On the battlefield not everyone is standing on his feet all the time.
    People lose balance or fall when being hit or pushed. Why not add this feature to the game and align it to the stamina (making stamina matter). For example. you are very low on stamina and you get hit with a two handed weapon, you block it successfully with your shield but still get knocked and you fall on the ground and need a few seconds to get up. (or at least fall on your knee - need less time to get up )

    2.) adding a feature to hold someone with bare hands.
    Coming to someone from behind with bare hands and holding him (your stamina will be draining the ratio is up to you)
    You hold will end when you release button or go out of stamina.

    3.) adding different terrains in maps…
    for example I would love to see a march battleground … willow trees, grass but also wet and watery parts … making you slower the heavier you are … for example knights would have to avoid walking through wet parts of the march because they would be much much slower … also this could be connected with stamina and stamina drain

    4.) another thing I would want to see is ladders and climbing walls - some map with castle siege and wall climbing

    5.) Shield on back should be also protecting you from hits and arrows …

    That would be all for now.
    Let me know what you think about my ideas … they are mostly aimed to widen the game

  • Generally I agree with your suggestions but number 2 feature,I don’t think it’s necessary.
    We shouldn’t expect more things than the game can offer though,because the game just can’t take it all,it will crash…

    In the end of the day it is still a game and it has its limits.

  • @Ondros:

    5.) Shield on back should be also protecting you from hits and arrows …

    An un-wielded shield does protect the player from arrows and throwables. However, it does not protect from hits.

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