Crash Bug in Beta Patch 1 (100% reproducible)

    • Join server
    • On team selection screen, select “Spectator”
    • press ‘n’ or ‘m’ (they both take you to the class selection screen, bypassing the team selection screen)
    • select a class (any class, doesn’t matter)
    • the weapon selection screen will show lots of heart symbols overlayed with “999”.
    • Click join game.
    • console message: “You will respawn as an .”
    • when the respawn timer expires, UDK.exe will crash.

    Fortunately this crash bug only appears to effect the client, not the server.

  • I can confirm this bug even with the retail (not beta) version of the game. To illustrate:

    • Join a server, press spectate

    • Press M te select team/class and pick a class. This is what you see:

    • Join the game as selected or as random and this will show in chat:

    When the countdown reaches zero either UDK.exe crashes or I lose connection with the server (as illustrated by this guy walking into a wall:)

  • This bug has been known for quite sometime. Didn’t know it still existed in the beta though.

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