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  • As most of the people that are still playing have noticed, the population of Age of Chivalry is dwindling. Usually there are no more than 4 servers that have people in it. We dedicated fans need to find a way to increase awareness of this mod to populate the servers. I don’t want this mod to die out and when it comes time that the game comes out, not many will already know about it (I understand there will be much advertising to deal with this, but everyone should have a taste). Therefore, I think we should gather ideas to advertise the mod such as fixing the mod link to the game (I have heard that you literally have to know the game already to get to it), telling all of your friends to try it, or even (take this lightly) updating the current mod (I’m not suggesting any of the current crew working on Chivalry to come back and update the game, as this will delay the game, it is simply a thought). Any ideas?

  • Play more age of chivalry.

    To be honest the mod has been dying for a while. We’re all waiting for chivalry. Promote chivalry! That way we will have a huge community when it’s released.

  • It does make me sad when i log in and theres only about 50 people in the world playing age of chivalry. However, I still have some great games when I do play and as gb says, its not too long now, if anything we need to be promoting chivalry.

  • Well I have very recently showed the game to my cousin, and he liked it. His dad watched him play it and he liked it too. Best way to promote a game is by introducing it to someone first hand, most likely you’re family members. Ive always enjoyed playing AoC but there’s something about playing with family members that makes it even more fun (especially since you can team kill them indefinitely without feat of penalty :P).

  • I’m pretty much done with playing it. I’ve had computer troubles for a long time, then having my niece move in and switch to a wireless modem nearly stopped me. They just recently got a Wii and Netflix… It’s simply not possible to play.

    Most of the computer issues are over, I just need more ram now. I plan on getting a non-wireless modem for when I do play.

    As for AoC, I’ve always hated playing this game. It grew on me, but still not at the point I want it to be… Some changes could be made, but they’re betting everything on their next game. I think AoC 2 is going to be the game to play… Now it’s just the waiting game

  • The game is free now, so, it’s pretty easy to advertize. That actually might be a good strategy for the Chiv devs. Advertize AoC around the net, while letting people know about AoC 2

  • Man, people were saying the game was dead in ‘09 and I’ve racked up 1000 hours since then. You’re all a bunch of babies, I tell ya. An army of Chicken Littles. AoC’s got a good 2 years left til the sky starts a’fallin’.

  • Denial.

  • This is how me and my brother advertise the game. In our university, when no one is using the computers, we literally leave all the screens on the main page for chivalry:medieval warfare. I know that is advertising CMW and not AOC but, maybe they’ll get interested and be like" is there a game like this that i can play right NOW" and then they investigate and find out about AOC. And gb, what is that in your avatar? IS it coffee?

  • @Iron-Sentinel:

    And gb, what is that in your avatar? IS it coffee?


  • The AoC population has actually been increasing, probably due to hype about Chiv.

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