Some shield / armor ideas.

  • First of all, as this is my first post on this forum - hello everyone and hail to developers of such fantastic game!

    My idea of shields protection is very basic. In every game i know - shield block ONLY when u use it to block in that particular moment. I think shield should protect always and wherever it is (it is not transparent when not guarding). If it would be sheathed on the back - it should protect back - if it is in hand, everything that hits it, even if player is not guarding - should be blocked.

    In game system, when shield would be hit while not guarding, stamina should be consumed more significantly; when guarded, player should be able to time the impact and hit enemy’s weapon with a shield (and then be able to stun opponent or counter-attack). And please, let the shields be strong, not braking after couple of blows (of course they should broke, bot not instantly).

    Another, quick idea - weapons, armor and shields should decay, and then there would be helpful class - weaponmaster or blacksmith to put them back to use, repair them. Please resign of “armor health” - it is not real. Armor is armor and should protect health according to its type (good, full plate armor won’t “feel” the blow of a short sword, and should be vulnerable to piercing and blunt attacks (as in real life).

    Yeah, i am a dreamer, but I’d like to see REAL knights. heavy, hard to kill.

    And the last thing - no respawns (or not so often) - but stunning enemies and medic healing them. Imagine heavy knight which was down a couple of times and brought back to life by blacksmith and healer - weak, tired, with almost destroyed armor and blood all over. But still fighting! roarr ;)

    Sorry for bad english and thanks for getting to the end of that post. I am thinking about game such as this for a looong time, and my ideas are now countless.

  • I like the shield idea… about the blocking while not being held up. Not sure about everything else.

  • Developer

    We are planning on having shields block when not being held up and on the back for projectiles, but not for melee combat. The reason for this is because it can become extremely frustrating to try and hit someone and due to sheer luck his shield blocks you. So to block melee attacks you need to react to your opponent’s strikes always. Arrows, bolts and javelins will need to be aimed to avoid the shield no matter what position it is in though!

    Not entirely sure how to address the rest but I can tell you that different weapons will deal different amounts of damage to different classes based on the armour the opponent is wearing… IE. A mace will be penalized less for damage against platemail than a broadsword, but the broadsword is better at dealing cuts to someone who wears only cloth or leather. This also plays into factor with what strike you want to use, as with some weapons thrusts do pierce damage instead of slash and so you will want to mix up your strategy based on what opponent you are facing.

  • Ty for feedback. This weekend was the first time i played AoC and most of my ideas are useless I see. And I am very happy u will manage to make shields blocking always or almost always. And not blocking while in melee…well, You may be right it would be extremely frustrating. Hell, its only a game :)

  • Tibberrius, i dont understand something you said. You said that mace will be penalized less damage than a broadsword on plate mail. Does this mean a broadsword will do more damage on heavy plated guy than does a mace? I don’t really understand this, i always thought blunt weapons were better against plated guy’s than sharp weapons.

  • Developer

    Its the reverse of what you said, sharp weapons do better against leather and cloth type armours whereas blunts perform better against plate and chainmail.

  • oh, thanks for clearing that up, i misunderstood you as i thought you meant the reverse of what you said above in the post above this one.

    Oh yeah and a comment about shields,in Age of chivalry, sometimes it seems as if a weapon goes “threw” your shield even though you blocked it. In the case of a Halberds’ stab going threw your shield, i think is good because it’s kind of like if the shield actually breaks.

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