Sprint with Javelin

  • Hey guys, i was thinking,

    Why not have the javelin have a sprint attack?

    While sprinting, you ready your javelin to throw and, viola, increased dmg (1 shot kill on most classes) but you get less accuracy.

    I dont think it would be OP because

    -You reduce accuracy for sprint attacks

    -Archer already has low armour

    -Javelin is not a far range weapon, its not like an archer where ur gonna 1 shot kill from across the map, u gotta be reasonably close

  • I like the idea, it would put a bit more realism in the game.
    In medieval warfare, they didn’t just stand still and throw spears, they ran to get higher range and damage. But if you have tried to throw spear before, you know the accuracy doesn’t decrease much, if at all. When I do it, I get the feeling that I become even more accurate 8-)

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