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  • Currently, the create-a-class system is:
    Knight = Slow Speed + High defense
    Vanguard = Moderate Speed + Moderate Defense
    Man at Arms = High Speed + Low Defense
    Archer = Moderate Speed + Low Defense
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    My suggestion is to just trash that completely.
    There should be armor customization when creating a class.
    You should be able to choose
    Each piece of armor there should have 3 options, EXAMPLE:
    Helmet 1 = 15 defense, 5 speed (20)
    Helmet 2 = 10 defense, 10 speed (20)
    Helmet 3 = 5 defense, 15 speed (20)

    Brestplate/Upper-body armor
    Upper-body armor 1 = 20 defense, 10 speed (30)
    Upper-body armor 2 = 15 defense, 15 speed (30)
    Upper-body armor 3 = 10 defense, 20 speed (30)

    Legs/Lower-body armor
    Lower-body armor 1 = 20 defense, 10 speed (30)
    Lower-body armor 2 = 15 defense, 15 speed (30)
    Lower-body armor 3 = 10 defense, 20 speed (30)

    Boots 1 = 6 defense, 4 speed (10)
    Boots 2 = 5 defense, 5 speed (10)
    Boots 3 = 4 defense, 6 speed (10)

    Gloves 1 = 6 defense, 4 speed (10)
    Gloves 2 = 5 defense, 5 speed (10)
    Gloves 3 = 4 defense, 6 speed (10)

    That would be 100 points altogether for a full armor set.
    With this, the game would have a much better class customization overall and will give more variety and class flexibility. With each choice you get to choose one stat and suffer the other.

    You want to be a tank? Choose all option 1 armor.
    You want to be fast?Choose all option 3 armor.
    You want to be a little bit of both? choose all option 2 armor.
    You can always mix it up.


    P.S. Also put in a Knights cape just for aesthetics purposes! :D

    TL;DR: Add armor customization with the option to choose 3 types for each piece of armor. With each choice you pick, one stat gets buffed while you suffer the other stat.

  • It’s a good idea, a bit more customization.
    But we have been/are on something similar on another topic :)

    But I liked this idea, 3 different armor, for each part, for each class, for each team :)
    Seems like a bit work for 15 people, but it would be nice if it would turn up

  • A very extensive layout you have there. If this does go through, Chivalry would be an amazing game. But do you think the dev’s can handle such a request? :o

  • bump

  • Would not fit without overhauling the game/dmg reduction system and or requiring a new mode.

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    I posted something like this earlier. I like the idea of customization a lot. Balancing speed, power, and defense is super important to a game like this. It also lets you have a sense of ownership of your build because you tailor it specifically to meet your needs.

    How would you balance having a super heavy maul and light armor? I think giving every piece of armor and equipment a weight and then adjusting speed according to weight class would probably be the best way of doing it. As far as the game is concerned, you are only given three areas of being hit (head, body, legs), so maybe it would be best to simplify armor categories that way? Or maybe even just helmet/body? I think the helmet/body customization would be best for visualizing your enemy and planning your attack as well. Seeing a heavy armored enemy without a helmet would be very tempting to head_slice_ :)

    I also went a little further and explained how you would customize your character. At the start of each match you only have a certain amount of money to buy gear. Weak Daggers/Clubs and Light armor would be the cheapest. As you advance you purchase things like Light Leather armor, Ringmail, or big Greatswords.

    Obviously things would have to change their balance a lot!

  • R.i.p clan wars

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