No offical league or scrims till devs fix in game Admin

  • This is beyond retarded…. The in game administration sucks and is the worst design or lack of design and function ever. It takes longer to set up a scrim than to actually play the scrim. Get the right people on the right teams, no real way of seeing players in spec, classes, players names, who is in viop or class balance at any time in game, the change map function kicks everyone out of the server, having to type long ass names for maps (really really bad system for map names and game modes) in hopes that you spell it right. No way to scroll up in the console to read anything beyond the number of lines it shows. Nothing is clean simple and easy to use.

    This is the 3rd weekend where we have ran scrims and it has been a logistical nightmare as far as administration. If you have tried to run a few scrims you know I am right about this. You cannot even put a password on a server without having to restart it. I am losing clan members because of the frustrations of having to wait and then get kicked on a simple map change.

    AAARRRRRGGGG! Fix this shit.

  • Beta

  • This is not beta crackhead. The game was released.

  • @Beaver24/7:

    This is not beta crackhead. The game was released.

    Jenheart means beta patch fixes it.

  • Ehh I hope it does. What I meant was that the release of this game was rushed.

  • @Jen<3:

    Ehh I hope it does. What I meant was that the release of this game was rushed.

    Ohhh nvm. Jenheart is a grumpy troll. :(

  • How am I trolling?

  • I am hopeful that the patch fixes this because it is almost impossible to set up a scrim or match at this point without pissing everyone off including me.

  • While inconvenient I don’t seem to have the same frustrations you do. Having to restart to pw is the worst but this can easily be done pre match time, to avoid any delays. Other than that, logging in every round gets to be a bit annoying but it does only take a couple seconds after all. As far as I know the only reason the server crashes on a map change is because the map wasn’t input properly, while long at least the maps follow an easy enough format.

  • I’m not ranting, but for ease of use, we need:

    1. A file to store Steam IDs which automatically logs in connected players as Admins - no need to enter the password at all, even after round change, in fact, you won’t even need to give the password out.

    2. Less bulky map names. Whilst I’m being really picky, having to type out AOCLTS-Battlegrounds_Farm_p instead of aoclts_battlegroundsfarm or AOCTO-Stoneshill_P instead of aocto_stoneshill is ever so slightly annoying. The _p on every single map name can be omitted, we don’t need it as players, its just internal reference for map devs to signify the playable sublevel. On a less serious note, this is not Age of Chivalry anymore! CMW instead of AOC please ;)

    3. Chat based commands. If I’m logged in as admin, I want to just type /aocto_stoneshill and it will automatically change the map. /kick player. /ban player. /mute player. No console, no other stuff needed.

    4. Locking the server. Whilst I agree we can just prepare beforehand, not everyone wants to lock servers for scrims. Imagine a clan that has a single server, wants to lock it down for training or whatever and they’re already on it, but instead, they have to log in to their control panel or edit the file and upload via FTP, restart the server, tell everyone the password, then connect. We need /password “password” to lock it on the fly.

  • @Martin:

    The _p on every single map name can be omitted, we don’t need it as players, its just internal reference for map devs to signify the playable sublevel.

    Anyway to votechangemap to a specific part of a TO map??? Vote to the throne room on stoneshill for example?

  • AOCLTS-ThroneRoom_p, if that’s what you mean. You can’t split up maps for team objective though.

  • @Martin:

    You can’t split up maps for team objective though.

    Fiddlesticks :x

  • You shouldn’t have to do anything pregame that requires a server restart. Everything should be accessible through the in game admin. Yes the map names are completely retarded and no you cannot always type adminchangemap and the name of the map correctly and not expect it to drop some clients. Far simpler map codes would be easier.

    Team Death match
    Last Team Standing
    Team Objective
    Free For All

    I fail to understand why the names are so freakishly long. It would be one thing if a menu popped up and you just checked which map you wanted. But to have to type it out correctly is a huge pain in the ass.

    I also do not understand why they have not ported this to HLSW and set in an rcon. As I have posted in another few threads that HLSW is not only for Source they already admin Unreal games.

    The more I am having to dick with this game and server issues the more I am about wore the F out. Add in all the drama from noobs that have no knowledge of how this game developed and all the bickering about obvious flaws and problems while the nut swingers think that there is nothing wrong with the game, I much like many veterans are about done. I am still trying to be patient and understanding but it is wearing thin.

    Point being that this game in its current incarnation is not ready for true competitive play in any way shape or form. With the patch coming out, much of the game will change dramatically and a whole set of skills will need to be discovered and acquired putting things even further behind.

    Again I believe it is too immature to be setting up any real tournaments till a month after the patch release and hopefully a hotfix to fix administration if it in not in the current patch.

  • While we’re stating wants/needs I’ll contribute.

    • When console is open, enable mouse. (So you can highlight, copy, paste)
    • Proper event logging
      [SERVER] Loaded map Stonehill
      [SERVER] Player bada has connected (STEAMID:0000000)
      [SERVER] Player testname has connected (STEAMID:11111111)
      [SERVER] Round start
      [COMBAT] Agatha bada killed Mason testname with weaponname
      [SERVER] Agatha wins
      [SERVER] Round start
    • As many have stated, on the fly configuration changes
    • Remote administration
    • Creation and execution of custom config files (anyone remember the “live on 3” configs in counterstrike?)

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