Chivalry commads?

  • I’ve read a few articles that you can use commands, but mostly only as a admin on a server. My network is curently useless to play online, so I have to train against the bots. But some (and often all) the bots, don’t do objectives, except pushing a cart, and they don’t even do it all the way.
    But that’s not the main problem.

    On maps like dark forest, you have to be two in order to open the sluice, and the bot’s rarely do it (odds 20/1). I’ll list up what the bots are doing wrong/buggy:

    • Don’t do teamwork objectives
    • Don’t take torches and help burning things down
    • Don’t go for the royal family on dark forest
    • Don’t use siege machinery
    • Sometimes, they won’t leave the spawn area (this is most common on the sea battle map, where they very rarely leave it, on the map with the village, they won’t leave the throne room, or enter, just stay at spawn)
    • Very often, they glitch up, hovering and making a lot of noise. I know that players can do this as well, but it’s really annoying that all the bots do it at the same time.
    • They can’t spawn as king

    So, are there any commands I can use to, for example, teleport a bot to you, so he can help you with teamwork objectives? This would be very useful, since they bug up a lot on most maps.

  • As of right now no :stab: I am sorry to hear of your network woes… Hopefully as time goes on the bots will mature in their development or you can join us online. Look forward to seeing you out there someday.

  • Ok, thanks for the reply, and can’t wait to get out there, mashing some sculls :D
    I have played online at a friend’s and that was like the most epic online game I’ve ever played 8-)

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